Decorations And Design Key To Turning Houses Into Homes

29 พ.ย. 2560

Decorations And Design Key To Turning Houses Into Homes

Show units in Thailand are decorated in a fashion that makes buyers want to purchase a home or condo the developer is trying to sell. And while these look nice, it can be difficult for the average consumer to match the attention to detail that has been paid to the interior design.

“Decorating show units and adorning your own home are done for different purposes. Show units need to be over-decorated to impart a ‘wow’ factor for marketing reasons. On the other hand, you decorate your own home for lifestyle and functional purposes as well as for comfort and relaxation,” says CBRE Thailand Managing Director Aliwassa Pathnadabutr to the Bangkok Post.

Condo units at many Bangkok projects usually come fitted with flooring, a built-in kitchen, basic lighting, and fully equipped bathrooms. It is usually up to the buyer of the unit to add to these basic items and normally the 1st thing people consider is the cost. Some believe expensive decor is better, but that is not always the case.

“Do spend on the main items in a room, though, such as the sofa set in the living room, the table in the dining room and the bed and mattress in a bedroom. Those are examples of what we call centrepieces. But for things like rugs, decorations, and some shelving and storage, you can often find excellent looking generic or mid-market material with decent quality for much less compared to their brand-name counterparts,” says Aliwassa.

One strategy to decorating a new unit is buying large furniture and then decorating around it as these items often serve as the centrepiece of the room it is in. In some cases, it is advised to buy the furniture before the decorations to see how it looks in the room. This can help the buyer get a better idea of what will look nice next to it.

“In the living room, a rug can really warm up the space; just don’t use a rug that is too small. That is a big mistake people often make and a small rug makes the room look and feel disproportionate. If you have a large living room, don’t push all the furniture against the walls because it will make the room feel cavernous and cold,” says Aliwassa.

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