Some Of The Most Expensive Real Estate Prices Are On A Ship

19 ม.ค. 2561

Some Of The Most Expensive Real Estate Prices Are On A Ship

The 165 apartments aboard The World, a condo cruise ship, are among some of the most expensive real estate on a square foot basis in the world, reports international media. On average, the residents spend a third of the year on the boat travelling to places like Antarctica, Pacific atolls, and Ascension, a rare spot between Africa and Brazil.

Units on the ship vary in size, but most are significantly smaller than the primary residence owners on the ship have back home. Sizes start at 290 square feet and go up to 3,500 square feet with prices ranging from USD1.8 million to USD15 million. This means a residence aboard The World costs as much as property in places like New York, Hong Kong, and London. Some units are even more expensive per square foot than homes in Monaco, the world’s priciest property market, according to a Christie’s luxury real estate report.

Owners must meet a set number of requirements in order to be allowed to purchase a unit on the ship. These include having at least USD10 million in assets, the backing of 2 existing residents, and the passing of background checks. In addition to this, they will have to pay as much as USD900,000 per year in annual maintenance fees.

“I bought for the lifestyle. I’d been everywhere in my life but had seen nothing. Friends asked me how I got in – I still don’t tell them,” says Trevor Rowe, chairman of Rothschild Australia and owner of a 2-bedroom suite on the ship, to Bloomberg.

The ship is was in New York before it sailed to Miami to celebrate New Year’s Eve. This will be the last time it is North America until at least 2020. The World stopped at over 100 ports of call in more than 20 countries in 2017 starting in Australia and visiting East Asia, western Canada, Central America, and the Ross Sea off Antarctica.

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