Bringing the Outdoors In

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Bangsaray Could Become A Property Hot Spot

Bali is that tropical island. One of over 17,000 islands that make up Indonesia, many are probably unaware that it is in fact a province and not a country since it is one of the most popular holiday destinations. There is a culmination of reasons that give Bali this accolade. First and foremost: the environment. From white sandy beaches to black sands with some of the best surfing conditions found in the world, dramatic sunsets, rice paddy fields to rural retreats that are thick in the jungle. This flora and fauna attribute to Bali’s appeal that is intertwined with a relaxed persona that marks Bali out from any of Indonesia’s other islands.

Life in Bali is slow. It is all about setting your own island time and enjoying this pace amongst the province’s pretty landscape. Those visiting and even living on the island love the outdoor life it offers, something that is even emulated in the home. Many villas are designed with the outdoors in mind and have designated rooms that are essentially outside but covered overhead. These wall-less rooms whether it is the living area, the kitchen, a chill-out area or even all, are open to the elements meaning that you are at one with the surrounding nature.

This unique way of living can only be enjoyed in country’s that afford such weather. Those living in Bali appreciate this way of life and love the fact that you can bring the outside in even at home. A style that has been adopted by other developers in different countries who see this charm and benefit of this set up.

Due to Thailand’s heat, many people have little choice other than to retreat inside. However, residences that embrace the outdoors are well received and meet the growing demand of people wanting to enjoy the climate. Developers are building homes with shaded living quarters or even the chance to open up rooms to the outside with vast glass doors as opposed to just windows.

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Sunplay Pool Villas Bangsaray and Sunplay The Heights Bangsaray by Sunplay Asia Limited, both of which secured the Best Development (Eastern Seaboard) and Best Condo Architectural Design (Resort) in this year’s PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards, have done exactly this. Both developed by Sunplay Asia Limited, the judges identified how the property’s Balinese characteristics complement the design stating, “The low-rise Sunplay The Heights Bangsaray is sleekly designed to showcase its tropical environment, with its multi-layered perspectives that maximise the views of the outdoors and surrounding forested hills. The use of local field stones on the façade also adds a nice touch.”

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