Living Up to Reputations

28 พ.ย. 2561

Globalisation is making the world smaller. With the rise of technology, we know news the second it happens and we can source anything from a country thousands of kilometers away. We can even find out information on an individual or company with a few taps on our phone. Simultaneously, concerns around sustainability are at an all-time high thanks to this wealth of accessible information. In recent years attention has also turned to the process of how something is produced and not just the end result. Consumers want to know where that product has come from and its lifespan. They are no longer necessarily concerned with getting the cheapest price if that impacts its longevity.

This mentality is also happening in the building trade. Purchasers buying a new property want reassurance that their investment is a sound one compiled with only the best materials. An ethos that is adopted by those who even know little about how a property is constructed. This thirst has been recognized by developers as the ‘throw away’ era is no longer appealing. People want things to last to minimize waste and maintenance and help sustain values. Developers’ reputations are put at stake unless construction is executed in a manner to meet with these needs.

Any new building is likely to face obstacles during the construction phase. Whether the weather has slowed down the build or a delay in the materials being delivered. Outsourcing is common within the trade, for labour, materials and fit out. Pushing the completion date further away and increasing costs to the detriment of the end user. However, one developer has closed this loophole: Utopia Development.

Utopia Development

Receiving two Special Recognition: for Design and Construction and for Building Communities in this year’s PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards 2018, the judges stated, “To ensure top quality output, the company has formed its own Utopia Construction Group to oversee all the materials and speed of construction for its projects. Employees also regularly attend expos and product showcases to keep up to date with the best possible products available.”

This peace of mind reaffirms to investors what they are investing in enabling them to focus their attention on the build process to envisage the end product. With so many developers vying to build the next best thing, each has a reputation to maintain to be a success in such a competitive market and it is clear to see how Utopia Development have overcome this.

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