Bangkok Set To Become A Global Mega-City

6 ก.พ. 2561

Bangkok Set To Become A Global Mega-City

With several infrastructure projects in the pipeline and impressive growth across key hospitality industry metrics being recorded, Bangkok is on the road to becoming a global mega-city. This was the finding at the 6th annual Thailand Tourism Forum hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) and hospitality consultancy C9 Hotelworks.

One interesting trend that is leading to this shift involves some of the country’s biggest residential real estate developers becoming more involved with the hospitality sector. Sansiri, for instance, recently announced it will develop more hotels in order to expand its reach.

“We like to think we’re not just building bricks and mortar. We’re delivering experience and a service to our customers,” says Sansiri CEO Apichart Chutrakul.

In addition to more upscale property developments, Bangkok will also see continued improvement of public transportation that will ensure tourists and property seekers are able to easily move around. A high-speed rail connecting Rayong, Laos, and China to Bangkok is one of the major projects in the pipeline. The new train is part of China’s large Belt and Road Initiative.

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Bangkok’s metro line is also set for massive growth. A total of 464 kilometres across the city have already been planned. Once completed, the network will be larger than the rapid transit systems in New York City and London.

“The great promise of the East has now become the new West. The continued improvement of the kingdom’s airports, including the redevelopment of U-Tapao in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) will support this,” says C9 Hotelworks Managing Director Bill Barnett.

The skyline in Bangkok will continue to grow upwards and provide more attractions to support the city’s popular temples in the eyes of visitors. Supertall locations such as the Bangkok Observation Tower and the Grand Rama IX Supertower, the latter set to replace MahaNakhon as Thailand’s tallest building, will draw in more tourist in the years to come.

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