Hotel brands are a force to be respected.

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Brands are powerful. The strength of which will determine how familiar the name is known within its own industry and even further afield. Companies put considerable time and effort into their branding to ensure that it is recognised and appreciated for the qualities it sets out to achieve. Ones that perform well quickly become household names on a global scale.

Affixing a hotel brand to a residential development portrays a certain image. It immediately raises the bar, particularly for a leading hotel chain known outside of the hospitality circle. As the thirst for luxury properties in Thailand continues with no signs of it slowing down, associating a new project with a reputable hotel gives buyers the peace of mind they seek when investing in a property. Hotels will be very selective as to which building they will hang their name above, after all their reputation is at stake. Plus, they will maintain a high level of management which is good news for the residents and for the property’s value.

Since buying property is no longer just about providing a roof over our heads, but rather it has become an investment asset and can offers a lifestyle too. The latter a hotel brand excels at since service is of paramount concern. They also have the backing of multiple resources ensuring its success. Carefully studying the market to create a product to set aside from the competition, something that could not be more apparent than at The Residences at Sheraton Phuket Grand Bay which scooped several of the 13th PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards 2018.  

This exciting project by Apex Development Public Company Limited is basking in the glory of securing Best Condo Development (Phuket), Best Hotel Development, Best Luxury Housing Architectural Design (Resort), Best Housing Landscape Architectural Design (Resort) and Best Hotel Architectural Design. Further strengthening the success of the project’s longevity, reassuring for investors looking to snap up their own slice of island luxury.

The Residences at Sheraton Phuket Grand Bay has created a unique concept to make the most of the pretty landscape it sits in. A key element that was picked up by the judges who commented that, “The landscape design of The Residences at Sheraton Phuket Grand Bay takes advantage of its surrounding scenery and natural topography, mimicking the slopes of the mountains and the water features mirror the oceanfront location… Maximising the views of the ocean and its scenic mountain environment, Sheraton Phuket Grand Bay Resort does so by using 100 percent clear gazing materials that create the indoor-outdoor living experience.”

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