enhanced exclusive listings feature

In the past, Exclusive Listing is limited to 3 spots per area and theses spot are shared by up to 10 Exclusive Listings, where three are randomly picked to be displayed in search result pages. This display logic has now undergone an enhancement.

Today, every Exclusive Listing gets a dedicated slot in relevant search result pages – this means more than 3 times more exposure for every Exclusive Listing!

What are the enhancements?

Own a top spot exclusively

Dedicating search result display spots to your listing, Exclusive Listings no longer share any spot with other advertisements! This means that your listing will not be replaced by another user’s when the relevant search results page is being refreshed. Your Exclusive Listing will now receive undivided share of exposure, reserving property seeker’s 100% attention to your listing.

More spots at the top up for grab

Spots for Exclusive Listings on the top of search result pages have increased from 3 to 10 after the enhancement. These 10 spots will now dominate the first page of search results, capturing the attention of property seekers, and providing more agents the opportunity to secure exclusive exposure to their listings.



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