Four Reasons Why You Should Take Up Our New Project Listing

20 เม.ย. 2565

As we enter a dynamic digital era where you can get anything done with a single click, our team at keeps striving to modernise its services. We’ve carried out various innovations and enhancements to our system, including updating our existing Project Listing feature to “New Project Listing”.’s internal data shows that 71% of people are more interested in finding new properties launched directly by developers. We’ve designed New Project Listing to enhance this property search experience for potential buyers of your latest projects on the market.  

Are you a developer who wants to accelerate sales and boost interest in your properties? Our New Project Listing could be the solution for you! Here are four reasons why we encourage Thai developers to activate the New Project Listing feature.  


  1. Responsive on Mobile

As much as 80% of the traffic on the property site comes from smartphones. Inevitably, it’s important for developers to take advantage of as many digital features as possible and ensure that they’re mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive. 

New Project Listing has also been equipped with a high-quality design with a richer and more intuitive user interface. This product is fully mobile-responsive, guaranteeing utmost convenience for property seekers searching for the latest products from developers. 

  2. Supported by the Unique Search Algorithm

What do developers expect most when they choose a property portal as their marketing medium? Of course, it’s the hope that their property project will appear in the leading position on search results for their potential customers. The New Project Listing feature can give you an extra boost in this area! 

This is because the New Project Listing is supported by the Unique Search algorithm, which functions to prioritise relevant projects with complete content details for consumers. 

  3. Superior New Features

New Project Listing is also equipped with various new features that can accommodate your marketing goals. Among them are exclusive tagging, placement of gated brochures, as well as features that are connected directly to an active Line chat. More than 30% of’s consumers make direct enquiries through Line. 

  4. Maximum Exposure with Premium Project Listing

Once you’ve taken up New Project Listing as a developer, you can level up to the Premium Project Listing feature. This is a service that guarantees 100% premium placement on regional search results, ensuring that your project appears above the Featured Agent Listing. 

Through the Premium Project Listing, you can achieve up to a 600%* increase in visibility on the search algorithm compared to the standard Project Listing. This will significantly enrich your listing performance as a developer!  

*based on PropertyGuru internal data. Results vary with different listings and are not guaranteed.


For more details, please contact your dedicated Account Director or email us


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