There is a lot of buzz around Thonglor. This mid-Sukhumvit neighbourhood is considered to be one of Bangkok’s most trendy locales, a status that is not expected to fade anytime soon.

Whilst much of Thonglor’s hype is focussed on Sukhumvit Soi 55 which reaches all the way to Phetchaburi Road, the surrounding Sois piggyback of its success since land is at such a premium here ensuring that any nearby plot that is ripe for developed is snapped up.

What draws people to this corner is the sheer diversity on offer. The traditional charm of Thailand’s capital remains as street food vendors pop up to cater for the lunchtime and evening crowds, whilst at the other end of the scale, gleaming new restaurants serving food from across the world open on a regular basis. This has accredited Thonglor as a popular evening hangout, especially amongst the younger crowd as the area comes alive at night.

However, it is not all about after-hours Thonglor. The amenities found here are second-to-none and include international schools, two of Bangkok’s most renowned hospitals: Bangkok Hospital and Samitivej, as well as countless shops and boutiques. The style of shopping found in Thonglor is quite unique and is not all shiny shopping malls which are common to the capital.

There are community malls which boast a more intimate feel spread over just a few floors housing independent businesses and services. Some solely dedicated to shops whilst others just restaurants and bars such as 72 Courtyard, or in the case of the COMMONS: both.

72 Courtyard Thonglor

72 Courtyard

This interesting mixed-used scheme has become a real hit hosting regular events above its everyday function of providing locals with a community space for people to use. It has shops, restaurants, entertainment for children and plenty of places to relax, socialise or partake in some yoga.

Another string to Thonglor’s bow is its popularity amongst the Japanese community. It is estimated that there are nearly 50,000 Japanese living in Bangkok and some 4,500 Japanese companies operating in the country.

The Japanese are based mainly around Thonglor and neighbouring Ekkamai, and there are countless Japanese restaurants catering for this demographic and not forgetting Donki Mall which is a community mall filled with Japanese shops and restaurants to service this demographic.

Donki mall thonglor

Donki mall

All this demand has helped drive Thonglor’s property market forward for both the lettings and the sales market. Residents choosing this as a place to live relish in the convenience it offers on their doorstep and with quick access to other parts of the city on the BTS Skytrain such as the CBD of Asoke.


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