Bangkok’s mass transit network has carved the route for new developments across the city as areas that were once hard to reach can rely on this efficient means to get around rather than getting stuck in the traffic on the roads.

One such area is Rama 9 which popped up on the radar for Bangkokians when the area starting to evolve as another one of the city’s CBDs.

With a distinct supply of land in the traditional commercial districts of Sukhumvit and Silom teamed with sky-high land prices, developers sought out new areas for their office buildings and over the years Rama 9 has become a destination in its own right.

Today many businesses and global brands are based here to take advantage of the lower operational costs that have propelled Rama 9 into the spotlight.

The beauty of the area is that it relishes on being on the Blue Line of the MRT Network providing connectivity across the rest of the capital for those needing to commute here or for the new wave of residents that are calling Rama 9 as their home.

With this wealth of new office space, condominiums started to pop up too. Bangkok’s leading developers started shaping the housing market in a patch of the city less saturated than neighboring Sukhumvit.

rama9 พระราม 9

Like businesses, residents enjoy the cheaper cost of living and the slightly slower pace of life but without losing any amenities or services since Rama 9 is home to various shopping destinations meaning that residents have everything they need without traveling further afield.

This has drawn many people to choose Rama 9 as their home including expatriates who strive to get value for money whilst living in Thailand to enable them to save more or spend their money traveling around the region.

Astute investors have been quick to cotton onto the demand here. Buying property near the mass transit network is a lucrative move since reliance on this infrastructure network is increasing.

However, Rama 9 is an already well-established neighborhood with significant landmarks such as the Thailand Cultural Centre.

This performing arts venue and exhibition halls showcase events throughout the year including ballets, plays, and musicals highlighting local and global culture. The Korean and Chinese embassies are based nearby as well as the China Cultural Center that evolved a Chinese population.

พระราม 9 CentralPlaza Rama 9, the most recent addition of CentralPlaza br

As the traffic on Bangkok’s roads continues to increase with little suggestion of a resolution to rectify this, areas like Rama 9 will continue to arouse interest for developers, investors, and residents.

Having everything all within one area makes life easy for those living there and is a catalyst for pulling more people to the area, good news for investors who are likely to see their property increase in value off the back of this.


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