Bangkok’s mass transit network is currently growing at a rate of knots. Extending existing lines and adding new lines, new corners of the city are opening up which previously were challenging to reach by car due to the unreliable traffic that clogs up the road. These routes are a vital mode of transport for many residents enabling an efficient means to travel across Bangkok for business or pleasure, but it also good news for the areas that benefit from these new lifelines.

One such place is Saphan Mai on the Green Line, not to be confused with Saphan Kwai which is located further down the same line. Situated in the north of the city, Saphan Mai prides itself on an infrastructure network that many other locales cannot even begin to compete with.

Not only is it right next to Don Mueang Airport that operates flights across Thailand and further afield across the region, which is perfect for residents who need to travel, but Saphan Mai also boasts three Skytrain lines: the Green, Pink and Dark Red Lines.

Unsurprisingly the market was quick to cotton on to this connectivity, and developers have set their sites on this location in anticipation of these lines becoming operational in 2020.

However, Saphan Mai is not just a commuter spot as it is already well established with a bevy of amenities that include Yingcharoen Market, Big C and Central General Hospital and educational institutions like Harrow International School, Sriptaum and Kasetsart Universities are firmly rooted in the area.

Consequently, Saphan Mai is a popular place to live for families which are heightened further by the local amusement parks geared towards this demographic.

Construction engineer manager supervising progress of BTS Station รังสิต

Combined with the arrival of the Skytrain, property performs well here with average condominium rental yields at five percent, and capital appreciation achieving at least three percent.

Figures that may well head upwards even more once Saphan Mai’s infrastructure projects that also include the rebuilding of local roads as well as the Skytrain, are complete. Only time will tell how Saphan Mai fairs, but this is one area with a rosy forecast.

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