New Year, New House Rules!

DDproperty Editorial Team
New Year, New House Rules!
‘Tis the season to be jolly! It is also the time for overindulgence whether that is eating, spending or shopping and once it is over, New Year’s resolutions are likely to loom on the horizon.
In lieu of the holiday excesses and in line with global movements to cut back on consumerism, many hope will be thinking about their environmental impact when considering 2020 resolutions. So what new house rules can you instill to save your pocket, help the earth and reduce your carbon footprint?

1. Energy-saving alternatives.

It might sound simple but switching to energy-saving alternatives has a big impact. Reach for the fan over the air conditioning remote, only turn the washing machine when it is full, opt for the energy-efficient cycle, switch to energy-saving light bulbs and walk instead of using the lift. These changes might seem small but quickly add up.
Woman composting organic kitchen waste

2. Compost.

Whether you live in a house with a garden or a high rise condominium, it is possible to compost any leftover food. Starting a composting system might seem daunting but some companies offer composting solutions that are easy to use and fit into any home without any fears of unwanted smells.
Aside from food, items that can be composted include dust from vacuum cleaners, hair, newspaper, printed paper, coffee grounds and cardboard. Plus there are many products sold on the market with composting qualities such as toothbrushes and dental floss that can be thrown in too. The result? Some free food for your plants!

3. Upcycle.

2020 might be the time to refresh your home with a new look. However, this doesn’t need to come at an expense to your pocket or the world’s resources. Upcycling has become a popular trend with many taking pride in revamping their home on completely upcycled goods.
This could include reupholstering chairs, repainting a chest of drawers, sanding down a dining table or simply buying items of someone else no longer wants or needs.
Smiling couple carrying modern chair together placing furniture moving into new home, young family discussing house improvement interior design while furnishing living room, remodeling and renovation

4. Swap!

A change is good for the soul, so why not set up a swap event with your friends? This is a chance for a new look without adding to consumerism. Swap clothes, wall pictures, soft furnishings or even books. The choice is endless.

5. Shop at refill stations.

Refill stations are gaining traction across the world. Shoppers arrive armed with their containers and fill up on dry foods, cleaning products and toiletries known that each purchase does not result in another piece of plastic.
Young male hipster holding and carrying the Save The Earth tote handbag in green nature environment background - ecology and recycle concept

6. Opt for reusables.

Sponges, plastic bags and takeaway coffee cups are very convenient. However, they often get used once or a few times before being bound for the landfill. Change your habits by switching to reusable alternatives that span make-up removing pads, cleaning cloths, tiffin boxes, shopping bags, cutlery, straws, water bottles, and silicon zip-lock bags to name just a few.
Some of these might require an initial investment but once in place they can be used again and again, and will inevitably reduce your daily amount of rubbish too.
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