A house for single dad and child

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A house for single dad and child

Most people are looking for a new house that could fulfil the possibility of having a bigger family in the future. This raises questions for many single-dads. Things to consider when buying a new house. It is not widely mentioned on the internet which makes searching for information very limited.

DDproperty wants to share the real-life experience of Khun Tong. A single dad who is also an Assistant Sales Director of Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa. Whether you are a single mom or a single dad, we believe that this piece of information would be beneficial for you.

Criteria on house buying for single dads

Normally people would buy a house according to the location and price. But, single mums and single dads need to take a deeper look.

“First, when buying a house, you need to consider the school location. The proximity should not be over 30 minutes apart, as I do not want my kid to spend his time mostly in the car. Every minute is precious.”

Problem for Single dad buying new house

“The housing estate I chose is in Wong Sawang, Rama 5, near Pinklao and the expressway. When I need to run errands, I could easily send my baby to my parent’s house as we are only 10 minutes apart.”

Obstacles for single dads buying a house

The biggest concern for most single dads when buying a house is the ability to afford it, as it is a sole parent home loan. However, Khun Tong has a different perspective about this.

“Price is not my main concern because I chose the house based on my income. Not choosing an overly expensive house to become a burden each month. I need to know that more expenses for the baby are coming.”

"I’m not concerned about single-parent home loans because I chose a housing estate at a reasonable price. I’ve calculated all monthly income and expenses to ensure that I could afford it."

The obstacle for choosing the dream project

“The main obstacle for buying a house is choosing the housing estate. As I’m a first home buyer, I would be sceptical if each project is good enough. So, the brand is very important for my decision-making process."

"My current housing estate belongs to AP (Thailand). The company has clear rules for house owners to follow. Such as forbidding any construction to extend the balcony. Which I think makes the overall scenery of the housing estate neater and more pleasing. I have seen other housing estates with different styles of renovation from each owner and I don’t like it that much.”

A house that suits single dads

“If you asked me what is the best house for a single dad, I would say a house with plenty of space. The common area needs to be usable because someday, my boy wants to go out and play with his friends, the common area is their playground."

A house that suits single dads and facilities

"So, the common area is very important for kids. Fortunately, I have garden space in front of my house, my boy can easily play there. I want my kid to freely do the activities he wants. Not limiting himself to the small box-type space like in a condominium. I believe that the more kids do activities, the more he gained brain and physical development.”

A house that suits single dads and Park Facilities

Where dads and kids do activities

"The activities that I and my kid love to do together is watching movies and playing games. Right now, he is having online classes, so my main activity is teaching him homework. Currently, we spend most of our time on schoolwork, so I decided to expand my office. I could not renovate the space if I were to buy a condominium."

Where dads and kids do activities

Raising kids and taking care of the house

"I do not have any special tips because I’m happy to do everything. When I wake up in the morning, I would take him to shower, then make him breakfast. After that, get him ready for his online classes. While he is studying, I would start doing my work. Then, cleaning the house here and there."

The dream house, one with large space

"If I were to buy the new house, I would prefer the space to be 300-400 square meters. Because my boy loves outdoor activities. Such as gardening, playing with fish and birds, etc. So, my dream home is the one with a large space. However, as of now, the renovation is good enough to create our own private space. We can have online meetings without my kid’s interruption."

The dream house, one with large space

Property websites with price comparisons

"Before purchasing the house, it is necessary to visit the actual place. Asking for details from the sales staff. After that, I did further research on the DDproperty website. Which allowed me to compare prices. From agents and real buyers to estimate the price for a particular housing estate to decide later."

Suggestions for single parents

“For single dads and single mums, do not worry too much about choosing the house, home loan, and mortgage. I suggest you buy a single-detached house to allow the kids to have activities space.”

The details Khun Tong shared are all important factors in buying a house for the single parent. Which are from real-life experiences. If you become a single parent, these factors could be beneficial and ease choosing a house for you and your kid. We can assure you that you will get your dream home and live happily.

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