Home hunting

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Home hunting
Thailand provides a wide range of accommodation facilities in the form of the public housing estate and private housing facilities to support its huge local population and also the foreigners. Buying or renting the most appropriate apartment or house requires a lot of effort and consideration.
An effective house hunt procedure can greatly help in getting the ideal property at a competitive market rate. Before deciding on buying or renting a house one has to consider a few factors that are the budget, location, type of house and amenities available.

Location Guide

The location of the house is of prime importance before deciding to own or rent a house. For this one has to consider various factors that are most convenient and suitable for oneself and one’s family.
These include closeness to one’s workplace, spouse workplace, kids’ school, shopping area, food outlets and easy access to road and rail transport.

Amenities Guide

Depending on personal choice one has to consider all the amenities available nearby. Many housing estates offer world-class amenities that comprise shopping malls, hotels, parks, entertainment, and recreational facilities.
Preference of having an MRT station and BTS as well as bus interchange can also be regarded as a convenient transport facility before opting for a residential home.

Sources (Agencies, Properties consultants, Brokers)

Property consultants, brokers and agencies in Thailand make property buying and renting hassle-free and easy. It also saves a lot of time and money for the prospective investor while looking for an ideal residential property. These consultants and brokers cater to all specific needs and requirements of property investors.

Things that foreigners/expatriates should do

After deciding on their budget, location, amenities, and facility a foreigner or expatriate can consult a reliable agent or broker to meet their specific housing needs. Thereafter they can ascertain the value of the property in order to obtain a loan.
Financial institutes and various banks grant a loan to all foreigners after fulfilling certain criteria. Thereafter all purchase formalities and documentation have to be done. The buyer can also opt for inspecting the property before taking over the property.


Thailand’s booming economy and a progressive real estate property market have led to an ever-growing demand among property buyers. Foreigners and expatriates can make easy and cost-effective purchases or rent an apartment by following these house hunting guides.
These tips and house hunting guides should be considered and evaluated properly to obtain the most suitable apartment of your choice.
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