How the Perfect Home Promised a Bright Future for a Thai-American Couple’s Family

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How the Perfect Home Promised a Bright Future for a Thai-American Couple’s Family
Being a full-time mother involves taking care of children and at the same time, juggling household chores. Fai Samita Samitasiri, a Thai married to an American, spends the majority of her day at home. She and her family needed to live somewhere comfortable and suitable for their lifestyle. Here she describes her main criteria when searching for her dream home.
When I became a mother of two, my way of life has shifted from focusing on my career to looking after my children. Previously, my daily habit consisted of waking up early to go to the office then going home after a day at work. When I got married and had children, however, I became a full-time mom to take care of my family, which changed what I needed from a home.
The Perfect Home Promised a Bright Future for a Thai-American Couple
Having been born and raised in the neighbourhood where me and my family used to live, I was already familiar with the area and had many fond memories of it growing up, so I didn’t want to relocate. Eventually, our family decided to move into our current home, which was just a few kilometres away from our previous residence, when it was still a new housing project. We have now been living here for eight to nine years.
While searching for a new home, we visited various housing projects that were affordable but were far from school, office, and the city center, which would have entailed longer commutes and higher transportation costs. For us, the benefits of increasing our housing budget far outweighed buying a cheaper house that would have required us to adapt to a new daily commute. Also during our search, we looked at options online, pored through leaflets, spoke with salespersons to verify information, and visited well-known real estate websites such as DDproperty that provide a lot of useful information on property projects. This portal is a vital tool in selling a home and securing a buyer quickly.
After exploring numerous projects, we finally chose Burasiri of Sansiri, a developer whose projects are widely recognized to be of excellent quality. In fact, we visited the site early on during the piling process and continued to watch its progress, thinking it was the right property to invest.
The Perfect Home Promised a Bright Future for a Thai-American Couple
While choosing a home, we knew we wanted a tranquil garden where we can unwind and plenty of space like in our previous home where our family can live comfortably.
This house cost around THB 9 million, and it sits on a land plot of 78 square wah. Close to our home, there is a communal garden, a playground, a swimming pool, and tall trees. All these elements combine to make living in our home a truly pleasurable experience.
The Perfect Home Promised a Bright Future for a Thai-American Couple
When my daughter was still young, she would wake up early, so I would often take her out for a walk in the communal garden and let her play in the nice and safe playground. Being able to do these reinforced our belief that we made the right decision to live here.
As for the living room, it has always been the most popular place in our house because it is where we all gather and relax. The pretty view of the park in front of our house gives the impression that it is our very own garden. Our neighbours are quite friendly, too.
We also appreciate the quiet environment, far from the hustle and bustle of the busier areas. Moreover, the security officers are vigilant at all times and the property is well-managed by the juristic office, so we have never experienced any problems. We feel very lucky to be living here.
The Perfect Home Promised a Bright Future for a Thai-American Couple
Nowadays, my husband’s job at the US Embassy requires him to take numerous trips overseas while our children go to school in America. We don’t have plans to buy a new property or move to a bigger house anytime soon, although we are thinking of retiring upcountry in Thailand. But that is still a long way off.
My past real estate investments include purchases of condominium units, but due to the burdensome maintenance costs, I decided to sell them all at a decent price.
Ultimately, I feel happy and fulfilled living in this pleasant home and environment with my family. Having raised my children here has also made me grow fond of it and love it even more. I have to say, this truly is my dream home.
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