Bangkok Not Among The World’s Safest Cities

5 ม.ค. 2561

Bangkok Not Among The World’s Safest Cities

The Economist Intelligence Unit released its Safe Cities Index 2017 where it ranks 60 major cities. The report, which measures crime rates, road safety, digital security, quality of healthcare, and other aspects, found Bangkok to be the 49th safest city in the world.

The Thai capital was found to be weak in digital security and personal security with the report finding the frequency and severity of terrorist attacks to be above average. Bangkok did perform well in the health security and infrastructure security categories. When compared to other cities of similar size (between 10 and 15 million people) it was the least safe out of the 8 cities ranked.

Apart from Singapore, cities in Southeast Asia all finished towards the bottom of the list. Yangon, Manila, Jakarta, and Ho Chi Minh City all finished behind Bangkok in the bottom 10 of the Safe Cities Index 2017. The 2 latter cities fell from their ranking in 2015, the last year the list was published.

The Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Tokyo as the safest city. The Japanese capital was also 1st on the inaugural list in 2015. It ranked 1st for digital security, 2nd for health security, 4th for personal security, and 12th for infrastructure security.

Singapore was the 2nd safest city while Osaka finished 3rd with Toronto and Melbourne rounding out the top 5. New York was one of the largest cities to drop, falling from 10th to 21st. London also fell from its 2015 position and the report found that overall the world was less safe with only a few exceptions.

“With 2 exceptions, Madrid, which is up 13 points and Seoul, which is up 6, cities tend to have fallen in the index since 2015. For example, New York is down 11 points, Lima is down 13, Johannesburg is down 9 points, Ho Chi Minh City is down 10, and Jakarta is down 13,” says the report.

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