Property Investment Could Be Good For Your Health

9 ม.ค. 2561

Property Investment Could Be Good For Your Health

While the world may be unstable and uncertain with shifting political regimes, climate patterns, and economic powers, troubling investors, all is not lost. Real estate investment isn’t just good for the future, but it can also help with well-being. Although all investment types have the potential to rise or fall, property remains one of the most surefire paths to financial returns. A property in a prime location, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, or Bangkok, has the potential for high gains with minimal risk.

“It won’t be enough simply to have a ‘build it and they will come strategy. We’re moving from a supply-constrained seller’s market to one where buyers have more choice, and more power. Good-value, well-designed and livable buildings are likely to command a premium,” says Mark Clifford, executive director of the Asia Business Council.

These are a few of the ways property investment can benefit your health.

Benefit From Others Spending
The most prominent reward of property investment is gaining from others’ spending. You benefit from governments spending tax dollars into improving the fundamental infrastructure of a city, which allows you to charge higher rental rates. This means property owners enjoy benefits of other people spending without doing a thing.

Get Back To Nature
Access to green spaces in Asia’s big cities can be difficult, but this remains an increasingly important factor in daily quality of life. The presence of green spaces can bolster overall mental health and reduce specific health risks. This is why investing in a condo near a city park or a weekend retreat near the beach can improve wellness and overall happiness.

Higher Standards
The standards of the hospitality industry have soared substantially over the years, especially in Asia. Privately owned residences around the region are equipped with concierges and cleaning staff usually found at a 5-star resort or hotel. Investing in an upscale property will ensure you get the best life has to offer.

“Asia has always been an attractive destination for luxury buyers, but the market is still underserved when it comes to safe, secure, high quality options, either for investment or as a place to live full time,” says Chris Delaney, Managing Director of Sunplay Asia.

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