Building homes with nature in mind

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One of the reasons many choose to live in Thailand is its welcoming environment. The country’s pretty landscape is framed by blue skies for a fair chunk of the year. Its world-famous island is on the top of beach lovers’ bucket lists across the globe thanks to the clear crystal waters and white sands. For nature lovers there is nowhere better than the ample trekking opportunities amongst the hills in the country’s prized jungle particularly in Chiang Mai in the north.

Temperatures are attractive and fairly consistent with rarely the need for a coat, ideal for fans of the warmer weather. Coincidentally the Kingdom is clearly marked on the map for people wanting to set up home outside of their own country to relish in the country’s winning credentials.

The strong appetite for Thai property has resulted in a surge of development. Some residential projects have been thrown up in a haphazard fashion with little concern for the location it sits in. As there is substantial choice on the market for buyers, developers need to be building something better than the previous one and ones that complement the surrounding terrain.

Cayla Private Equity Co., Ltd have succeeded in this quest with Cayla Private Urban Tropical Residences. As the name suggests there has been a real emphasis on building something that fits with Thailand’s landscape meaning that it secured Best Condo Landscape Architectural Design (Resort) in the 13th PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards 2018.


The judges commented, “Cayla Private Urban Tropical Residence’s landscape design has integrated well into the site’s natural topography. The private waterfall is a fantastic feature, as well as the views of Mount Doi Suthep.”

Nestled among the greenery of pretty Chiang Mai, Cayla Private Urban Tropical Residences is more than easy on the eye and far from an eyesore. Its natural habitat is carefully woven into each villa with greenery adorning the exterior walls and the use of natural materials to enhance the overall look.

The mature trees were lovingly conserved meaning that residents can immediately enjoy the setting without having wait for nature to takes its course. But the design features do not stop here. Inside each villa oozes a contemporary style giving residents the best of modern-day luxuries in a beautiful and peaceful natural setting.

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