The Importance of Attention to Detail for Everyday Life

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The smallest details show more than you may think. Gone are the days when new homes are thrown up in a haphazard fashion to simply provide a new dwelling. Developers and architects meticulously take time in their design to build something that is perfect. Carrying out market research to ensure that it suits its target audience for the property’s success.

Every developer wants to rouse excitement from property professionals and potential buyers with their new project. Having a queue of purchasers wanting to invest in a building before it is complete is a testament to their hard work. This is achieved through the attention to detail where a developer has built something with the end user in mind. Of course, any new building needs to wow aesthetically to generate this interest but delve deeper and the practical elements can be what really set aside the project since it will improve the everyday for the person that resides there.

These practical factors could be as simple as ensuring that there is sufficient storage in each unit or creating two-bedroom units have bedrooms of equal sizes to open the project to a wider range of buyers: those looking for extra space for guests or even sharers. Since there are increasing numbers of people with flexible work and choosing to work from home, creating a designated study area within the property suggests the developer’s awareness of the needs of individuals too. Other such ideas are power points that fit a multitude of different plug styles reducing the needs for adaptors suiting international buyers.


Hilltania in Chiang Mai by SomsriWangtongkum Co., Ltd. has achieved exactly this leading this project to secure the ‘Best Residential Development (Chiang Mai)’ in the PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards 2018. The panel of judges commented that “Hilltania is a classic and imposing building that blends well with the topography of Chiang Mai. The exterior is bordered by lush greenery while the interiors feature calming, earthy tones. Residents will appreciate the attention to design.”

The visuals of this modern development certainly do not disappoint with substantial attention to detail creating a high-quality finish. The materials are chosen internally create a luxe and modern look that ooze contemporary design. But look closer and the practicalities have all been taken care of enhancing residents’ everyday life to ensure that it fulfils its goal of creating a long-term community. From the stunning interiors to the careful configuration of the units, it is easy to see how residents will be happy here and not find anywhere else better to live.

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