Developers Can Benefit From Green Buildings

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Developers Can Benefit From Green Buildings

Thai developers that invest in constructing green buildings can see benefits that go beyond reducing environmental impacts, according to engineering experts. These benefits can include social and financial gains if companies are willing to assume the extra costs of developing green buildings.

“Green buildings translate into added value as they benefit from a minimum 21 percent lower operational costs, enjoy a 7 percent increased asset value, 30 percent higher occupancy rate, see their return of investment jump to 14 percent and in Asia, are paid back for in less than seven years,” says Armelle Le Bihan, Founder of the Green Building Consulting & Engineering, to The Nation.

Many people have an exaggerated idea of the initial costs associated with green buildings when they are compared to more traditional ones. Some perceived estimates are 20 percent to 100 percent higher than what going green actually costs.

“Stating costs as a no-go argument is clearly an uninformed decision and a missed opportunity. With buildings potentially holding a lifespan of at least 25 years, real estate investors and corporations are seeing a clear correlation between decreased operational costs, improved efficiency, users’ satisfaction and asset value and are subsequently vouching for green buildings as a sound investment strategy,” says Armelle.

In Thailand, green buildings have been seeing a 54 percent annual growth rate and there are now over 5 million square meters in the country. Office buildings make up 40 percent of all green buildings with the retail, hotel, and industrial sectors trailing. Green buildings are still rare in residential real estate, but developers are starting to understand the benefits of these.

“The green buildings are a win-win for all stakeholders and across the supply chain, from the investor, to the building owner, to the building manager, to the users,” says Armelle.

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