Sansiri To Make It Easier For Residents To Get Around

19 ก.พ. 2561

HABITO Sukhumvit 77

Sansiri Plc announced that it will create a ride-sharing service platform to serve its residential projects and community malls in Bangkok, reports local media. Plans call for the service to expand to all projects by the end of the year after starting the pilot programme at Habito Community Mall.

The ride-sharing platform, called Smart Move, will see Sansiri work with 6 companies including AP Honda, Uber, Ofo, Haupcar, Sharge, and EA Anywhere. The service will be integrated into the Sansiri Home Service mobile application that is already available to its residents.

Smart Move is expected to be fully operational by May and will mostly help the 3,000 people in Sansiri’s 6 residential projects near Habito mall. The service will be free-of-charge service for 6 months.

Sansiri is teaming with Uber and Haupcar to provide the ride-sharing service for cars. They will manage a fleet of BMW i3 electric cars some of which will be imported into Thailand this year.

“Sansiri will focus only on electric cars for our residents to support the zero-emission trend, and Haupcar is now in charge of 2 locations for Smart Move, at the Line Jatujak-Mochit and the Habito Community Mall,” says Tawicha Trakulyingyong, Sansiri’s Chief Technology Officer, to The Nation.

Ofo has been selected to provide the bicycle sharing service at Habito Community Mall as well as 8 detached single-house projects in Bangkok. AP Honda has agreed to provide 3 eco-friendly motorcycles for the service platform at the Habito Community Mall.

AP Honda has plans to introduce new electric and hybrid motorcycles at the Bangkok International Motor Show in 2018 and these new bikes are expected to be used as part of the Smart Move service.

“At the moment, AP Honda plans for the local showcase in March, while deliveries to customers are expected around the last quarter of 2018. 3 motorcycles for Sansiri are set for the same timeline of deliveries, due to both parties having to finalise how to provide the sharing service platform,” says Suchart Arunsaengroj, Vice-President of AP Honda.

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