Protesters Stand Against New Bangkok Condo

26 ก.พ. 2561

Protesters Stand Against New Bangkok Condo

Singapore-based Keppel Land is facing a backlash from residents of a Bangkok neighbourhood where it plans to build a new condo, reports local media. The group is urging the Singaporean government to step in and convince the developer to make changes to a 30-storey condo it is planning to build on Sukhumvit Soi 28.

“Since the company started a public hearing on the environmental impact assessment (EIA), we have asked it 4 times to revise the design to match with the landscape of the neighbourhood between Sukhumvit Soi 28 and Soi 30,” says the local residents’ representative, Manit Sriwanichbhum, to The Nation.

The residents have already sent a letter to the Singapore embassy in Bangkok to ask for help settling the dispute. The residents believe the developer’s plans for the K5 Condominium do not comply with Thailand’s Construction and Building Act. Designs for the condo have called for 265 units over 30 floors. The development will have a net sale able area of nearly 16,000 square meters.

“The letter was after we saw that the project’s design did not follow the rules laid down in the country’s Building and Construction Act. But the company did not redesign the project and is going ahead regardless with the existing design for home sales intended for the overseas market,” says Manit.

Keppel Land is jointly developing the project with Thai developer KPN Land Co Ltd as part of a deal that will see them work on 2 luxury condos in Bangkok. Both projects will be located on Sukhumvit Road and are valued at an estimated THB2.2 billion.

The joint venture company is currently applying for an environmental impact assessment and construction licence. The developer hopes to start construction on both condos in the 3rd quarter of this year as long as it receives the necessary approvals and licences from the government.

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