DDproperty is pleased to announce on 7 Nov’19 a new feature Boost, that will take your property marketing from the average to extraordinary. We are bringing more visibility to your quality listings to capture the listing views and leads you deserve.

What is Boost?

Boost is a self-served feature accessible to all agent package subscribers, using Ad Credits and activated via AgentNet (web). It enables your listing to garner more leads by:

(1) Increasing your listing exposure

With higher ranking above regular listings in relevant searches, Boost increases your listing’s chance of being seen by property seekers during their search.

(2) Reinforcing your personal brand and credibility

Property seekers are able to put a face to your name upfront, as your profile photo will be displayed right next to your listing in searches. This reinforces your personal brand and credibility.

(3) Engaging your target audience upfront

Property seekers can view your listing photos right away on search results, with the image carousel feature. This entices them to send an enquiry before reading your listing details.Boost Blogpost benefit EN

How to Boost your Listings?

Booked through AgentNet (Web), you can Boost your listings, with over 95% quality score, at your convenience using Ad Credits without upfront payment. 

The amount of Ad Credits needed to Boost a listing is determined by property seekers’ demand and listing supply, by listing type, property type, location and more. This amount changes with market conditions, either decreasing or increasing, to deliver maximum value to you.  

To know how many Ad Credits is required to Boost your listing, go to AgentNet > My Listings. The credit quantity will be displayed next to your selected listing. Each Boost booking lasts for 7 days

Auto-Renewal with Auto-Boost

With this handy function, your listing is auto-renewed every 7 days until you disabled it. The Ad Credits amount required to re-Boost your listing will be deducted every 7 days too.

This means your listing will always rank high, allowing you to retain your competitive edge by always outranking and outshining your competitors.

Outrank and Outshine your Competitors Today!

Boost your listing now


To make sure our existing Beginner, Pro and Superstar agent package subscribers have access to Boost, we have issued free Ad Credits to your account on 1 Nov’19! You can find out your entitled Ad Credits amount from AgentNet homepage. 

To learn more about Boost, click here.


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