Grand Unity Development wins three accolades at PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards 2019 for wellness-inspired ANIL Sathorn 12

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[Special Advertising Feature] Extraordinarily glamorous and emphatically restful, ANIL Sathorn 12 by Grand Unity Development is a wonderfully special and luxurious condo development that spectacularly connects with the dazzling cityscape of Thailand’s capital, in Bangkok’s CBD.

At the site of a new sky train station, connectivity is key not simply in terms of geography, but also on a far more holistic level. Established close to 20 years ago, with 35 properties in its portfolio, the developer seeks to bring to life designs that show a deep-level understanding of feelings, focusing on their value and finding style solutions that respond to the purpose of life.

Creating wellbeing at the core of an inspirational condo development secured two wins for the developer at this year’s 14th annual PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards in August 2019: Best Condo Development (Thailand) and Best Luxury Condo Development (Bangkok). A highly commended award was also achieved in the Best Green Development category.

Renowned for their standout residential developments, DB Studio offered talented input into the project’s architectural design, with PIA Interior bringing 30 years of experience to create the internal design. Meanwhile, Bangkok-based Inside Out lend their creativity and focus on environmental preservation to the scope of the landscaping.

The 222 units range between 45-46 square metres one-bedroom units, 62-92.5 sqm two-bedroom units, 111-114.5 sqm two-plus bedrooms, and 104 sqm two-bedroom duplexes. There are also four units offering three bedrooms at 109.5 sqm and a spacious penthouse. The stacked-style architecture purposefully creates shade and adds an attractive façade that expresses a visual statement of modern luxury.

Full-length glass set against a palette of muted, natural hues and materials within the development captures the beauty of the bright lights of the city outdoors while creating contrast with its cool, peaceful interiors. The overall impression is of a high-end condominium where residents can retreat into their own space, yet still, feel part of something bigger.

Envisioning a condominium that goes way beyond contemporary design principles into the core of wellbeing resonated with this year’s judges.

“Grand Unity Development redefines luxury at ANIL Sathorn 12 as enhancing life, lifestyles, and experience by putting health and wellness at the core of a holistic design ethos; creating the first project in Thailand to gain a WELL Multifamily Precertified Gold Level.”

Grand Unity Development

Designed for the active business lifestyle, there are plenty of passive spaces with a garden sanctuary of trees and winding path, reflective pond, and outdoor lounge area, seamlessly designed for families or individuals looking for some alone time. Alfresco dining, an outdoor kitchen, sky garden, and infinity ozone pool adds to an impressive array of features, with a panoramic-view gym, chill-out zone, Pilates area, and steam room and sauna, not to mention a kids’ room, library, and private study.

The design focuses on seven wellness principles. These comprise,
– Air, with the latest in energy-recovery ventilation systems to ensure optimum oxygen levels and filtration. 
– Water, with 3M state-of-the-art filtration for every drop.
– Nourishment, with German branded kitchen appliances, a smart refrigerator, and a premium steam oven.
– Light, with motion sensors at night leading from the bedroom to the bathroom, 3-metre-high ceilings and fully automated ambiance control.
– Fitness, with a fantastically-equipped gym, plus bicycle parking and repair stations. 
– Comfort, with blackout shades inspiring rest and recuperation, as well as acoustic windows to diminish unwanted glare and sounds from the outdoors. 
– The health of the mind, with a sanctuary of facilities on the 12th floor that extends the private living spaces within each unit.


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