Importance of Online Content for Property Seekers

30 ต.ค. 2563

Society has become increasingly digital. We rely on the Internet as an everyday tool and expect to receive news as it happens. The wealth of information found on the Internet allows us to make informed choices based on data and facts, which is particularly important when calculating risk and thus potential growth for an investment.

Data collected from DDproperty Thailand Consumer Sentiment Study for the second half of 2020 revealed that over three-quarters of Thais use social media platforms and property portals when seeking property information. Blogs and online content are most popular among younger and mid-income Thais suggesting the importance of access to this data as well as developers ensuring they provide relevant information in relation to this to help generate interest.

The younger demographic of respondents were most concerned about searching out price information when looking to rent or buy a property. Financing and location information are the next priorities affirming that investors remain savvy when investing and carry out due diligence for a sound investment.

Online content, therefore, needs to reflect these subject types and be factored into search engine optimisation to reach as wider readership as possible. Typically consumers are loyal to an information source whether that is a news channel, an influencer or brand.

Those that require engagement to generate business, such as a developer providing information in the hope that the follower will eventually invest in one of their projects, need to ensure that online content is relevant to their readership to help build trust to encourage them to invest.

Since there is such a reliance on online content, developers also need to consider that the information is accurate and credible as consumers will not be loyal to misinformation.

DDproperty Thailand Consumer Sentiment Study

This reflects findings from the Consumer Sentiment Study that illustrated that developer websites, social media and visiting the actual project continue to be top information sources for Thais. In fact, reference to developer websites has overtaken social media as the most important information source suggesting that developers should adequately invest in this platform.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, print such as magazines and newspapers, virtual tours of properties and industry awards are of little importance to consumers suggesting that developers should not spend their focus on these areas.


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