Sisaran Group scoop Special Recognition in CSR at PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards 2019

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[Special Advertising Feature] Giving back to beautiful Bang Saray and enhancing the appeal of the beach destination in Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard province of Chonburi is the mission of seasoned developer Sisaran Group.

The locally-based Banglamung company has been focusing on condominium developments for over 30 years, with a multi-national team of creatives on-board.

Alongside their vast property portfolio, their commitment to the environment and community action is impressive, with 10 percent of their profits contributed to positive projects.

Suffice to say, their efforts have not gone unnoticed, with a Special Recognition in CSR scooped at the 14th annual PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards in August 2019. For this year’s judges, the organisation of the plans and results achieved through purposeful initiatives were deemed award-worthy.

“The Bang Saray Development Programme (BDP) is a fine example of the impact of consistent grassroots CSR, with Sisaran Group bringing together the local community to protect, promote, improve, and sustain the beach destination with hands-on clean-up activities and also initiating Responsible Business practices.”

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Established in 2017, BDP aims to support the local Sattahip District and businesses, while Sustainable Development Goals, including education and training, are set within the company and corporate culture.

BDP sets in motion monthly cleaning of the area’s renowned white-sand beaches using heavy equipment such as a JCB machine, in an area that attracts greater attention from tourists and holiday-home purchasers.

Just over two hours from the capital, the coast here is far quieter than the nearby resort destinations of Pattaya and Jomtien.

Aside from encouraging green action to protect Bang Saray’s beaches, parks, lakes, and wildlife, BDP aims to create new attractions in the area and points of interest.

Online promotion through social media adds to the overall quest to bring in investment to the area and ensure sustainable lifestyles by enforcing businesses to follow a good code of conduct.

Renovation projects include cleaning walls and sidewalks, doing-up houses, and planting greenery to enhance the natural scenery. In the local park, 16 benches have been replaced, while a beach art installation with billboard marketing on the main road into the province attracts visitors to the area and boosts business.

Collaborating with local authorities on many of the schemes has been at the core, including sponsoring events and football teams. Meanwhile, green ideas have included adding recycling bins and anti-pollution signage for educational purposes, aimed at locals and visitors.

A tourist map and a community magazine also promote sustainable development, as is looking after natural resources, raising environmental awareness, and protecting the delicate coastal eco-system. The aim is to improve standards of living and involve locals within proactive projects.

Within the Sisaran Group developments, residents are offered to use free bicycles and recycling policies have also been put into place. Adding to this, single-use plastics are replaced with sustainable alternatives.

The developer’s ECOndo project encompasses cost-effective eco-design features from thermal cladding to the creation of wind tunnels.

The philosophy integrated into the company’s development projects is a goal to work within the area to create community-friendly residential projects that are built in a sustainable, responsible way that is beneficial to all.


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