Habitat Group's Visionary CEO Pioneers Innovative and Sustainable Real Estate in Thailand's Evolving Market

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คุณชนินทร์ วานิชวงศ์ ประธานเจ้าหน้าที่บริหาร บริษัท ฮาบิแทท กรุ๊ป จำกัด (Chanin Vanijwongse, CEO of Habitat Group)

In Thailand’s ever-evolving real estate sector, Chanin Vanijwongse, CEO of Habitat Group Co., Ltd., has emerged as something of a visionary in recent years.

Since its inception in 2012, Habitat Group has carved a niche in the upper-midscale and luxury residential sectors, pioneering unique projects that blend innovative design with functionality.

Under Chanin’s leadership, the company has flourished, not just in creating lucrative investment opportunities but also in crafting spaces that resonate with modern lifestyles.

Indeed, the group has gained recognition for its distinctive developments, a fact underscored by its performance at the PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards 2023.

Chanin’s entry into the real estate world began in 2004 as a successful private investor. This initial foray into the sector laid the foundation for establishing Habitat Group in 2012.

From the rapid sell-out of their inaugural project, The Ville Jomtien Pool Villa, to the development of notable properties like Wyndham Grand Residences Wongamat Pattaya and Leroy Ruamrudee in Bangkok, the company’s trajectory reflects a savvy understanding of market dynamics and customer preferences.

In this exclusive interview, Chanin offers an insight into the Group’s growth and strategy, shedding light on the philosophy driving their customer-centric and innovative approach to real estate development.

Habitat Group's Visionary CEO Pioneers Innovative and Sustainable Real Estate in Thailand's Evolving Market

Can you explain what ‘lifestyle real estate’ means and how your approach stands out?

For us at Habitat Group, ‘lifestyle real estate’ is all about creating spaces that make life better. We don’t just build houses or condos; we create experiences. Our projects mix great design, comfortable living spaces, and top-class amenities, all designed to fit what our clients want.

What really makes us different is our focus on community. We build places where people don’t just live; they connect and feel like they belong.

Habitat Group's Visionary CEO Pioneers Innovative and Sustainable Real Estate in Thailand's Evolving Market

How has the group changed its projects to match what people want these days, especially in places like Wyndham Grand Residences Wongamat Pattaya?

People’s preferences in real estate are always changing. They now look for more than just good looks; they want places that fit their lifestyle. We keep up with these changes by adding things like wellness amenities and smart technology.

A great example is our Wyndham Grand Residences in Pattaya. This place isn’t just about luxury; it’s about living well, with spaces for work, family activities, and relaxation.

What’s driving the growth of Pattaya’s real estate market, and how is Habitat Group a part of this?

Pattaya’s property market is booming. This is because it’s a popular tourist spot, it’s easier to get to now, and there’s a good chance for investors to make money.

At Habitat Group, we’re right in the middle of this growth. We’ve got a strong record of successful projects, a unique way of looking at real estate as an investment in lifestyle, and partnerships with big names like Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

Habitat Group's Visionary CEO Pioneers Innovative and Sustainable Real Estate in Thailand's Evolving Market

Facing challenges in Pattaya, how does the group plan to tackle these while also helping the community?

Like any growing market, Pattaya has its challenges, like seasonal changes and environmental concerns. We’re tackling these by broadening our range of projects and focusing on being eco-friendly. We’re also supporting local businesses and projects, which helps us build a stronger and more caring community.

We believe that as property developers, we have a big role to play in making communities better and more connected. This includes using energy-saving technologies and recycled materials, and undertaking sustainability projects like “Change for A Better Habitat.

Habitat Group's Visionary CEO Pioneers Innovative and Sustainable Real Estate in Thailand's Evolving Market

Could you talk about the sustainable features in Habitat Group’s developments?

Sustainability is key for us. In our new projects, we use energy-saving systems like solar panels and LED lights, we save water through smart methods, and we use recycled materials in our buildings.

For instance, at Wyndham Grand Residences in Pattaya, we’ve focused on reducing energy and water use. Another project, Highland Park Pool Villa, uses recycled wood and other eco-friendly materials, letting in lots of natural light to cut down on energy needs.

Habitat Group's Visionary CEO Pioneers Innovative and Sustainable Real Estate in Thailand's Evolving Market

What’s behind Habitat Group’s success and awards at last year’s PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards?

Our success comes from our commitment to high-quality projects, building strong communities, and always looking for new ways to improve. Our projects are more than buildings; they are places where people can connect and feel at home.

We’re always thinking ahead to meet our clients’ changing needs, like with our Wyndham Grand Residences in Pattaya, which combines stunning views with luxury design.

What are the group’s plans for the future?

Looking ahead, we’re focused on staying innovative and delivering high-quality, sustainable projects. We’re planning to expand into new markets, develop new products and services that respond to what people want, and continue to lead in eco-friendly buildings.

With our track record, commitment to innovation, and focus on sustainability, we’re set to keep growing and creating spaces that improve lives and inspire people in Thailand’s real estate world.


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