Advertising Rules

This document forms part of the Terms and Conditions for membership in all services provided by AllProperty Media Co., ltd. (The Company). These services are, but not limited to, Every member (The Agent) is obliged to abide by these guidelines when using the above services.


The Company reserves the right to amend these guidelines during the course of membership. All members will be informed at the point of change. The Company also reserves the right to suspend any agent member on repeat offense of the guidelines.


Accounts with persistent guidelines violation will have their account/s suspended. All suspensions will not amount to any refunds on the subscription & discretionary services fees.


In addition to the advertising rules, AllProperty Media Co., Ltd. will also monitor and moderate all advertisements under its Services, according to CEA's Code of Ethics and Professional Client Care and Practice Guidelines on Ethical Advertising.


AllProperty Media Co., Ltd. will always co-operate with authorities to help resolve any suspected illegal activities. To preserve the trust of our users, DDproperty reserves the right to suspend any agent convicted of illegal activities - even if it is not related to the use of AllProperty Media Co., Ltd. services.



Account Ownership

Accounts are only for single agent usage. Sharing of account is only allowed with registered and subscribing paid agents.


Account Details

Account profile and details, including Agency address and Salesperson Mobile numbers are to be current and up-to-date at all times.


Account Profile Photo

Account profile photo should be member own photo.


Genuine Listing

All listings posted should be genuine and of real time. It must be available to the market at the time of listing and during the duration that it is visible online. False, fake, unauthorized and misleading ads will be removed immediately.


Listing Removal

It is the agent's sole responsibility to remove or de-activate advertisements of properties / units that are no longer available, whether is it sold, rented, or while on Option to Purchase period. Reported ads that are no longer available will be removed immediately.


Listing Description

The listing description has to describe the property advertised. URLs included in the description should be where the advertised unit can be found. Competitors URLs, generic portal URLs will not be accepted. No unnecessary characters are allowed in the description. Descriptions are to be written in English. Any description written in a foreign language needs to be accompanied with a complete English translation.



Listing Images

Only images related to the advertised property are accepted. Agents should attain copyright before using artist impression images from project brochures. However, images with human models, landmarks and trademarks and not permitted. AllProperty Media Co., Ltd. reserves the right to remove any material that breaches copyright laws or in act of infringement.


Duplicate Listing

2 or more listings based on, but not limited to, exact description of property, similar interior images used on 2 or more listings with different description, similar property size, price and unit level on 2 or more listings. Duplicate listings are removed immediately.


Multiple Projects/Units in 1 Listing

Advertising several projects and/or units in 1 listing is not allowed. Only one unit from one project with one size and one price is allowed per ad.


Fake Listing

Feedback / reports to moderators are attended to immediately. Several factors may be considered for verification but not limited to: property listing with no images, very little or no unit description, only using DDproperty's shared library images.


Irrelevant & Inappropriate Listing Image

  1. Photo not related to the unit advertised
  2. Non-property photo, and/or text from presentation slides
  3. Image does not show 75% of the property/unit advertised
  4. Amenities such as shopping centers that are not within reasonable distance to property
  5. Images that are not rotated to the correct orientation
  6. Unclear and/or low-quality images
  7. Image that contains competitor's watermark.
  8. Agent's photo or name card is not a property image
  9. Image which contains reference to another person other than the agent advertising


Irrelevant & Inappropriate Profile Image

Profile images should be agent own photo. Ideally it should be an updated scanned passport sized photo showing the face of the salesperson.


Account Sharing

Account is for one agent's use only. Any references to multiple persons / teams are not allowed unless they are co-broking agents with a DDproperty subscription.



Overseas Listing

Overseas listing is not allowed under Trial, Starter, Premium and Platinum accounts that can only list local residential & commercial ads. Listings will be removed immediately. To advertise an overseas property, kindly contact the Overseas Sales Manager at:


New Development Listing

Agents and marketing teams are advised to obtain relevant authorizations from the respective project developers before putting up a new project launch ad. Repetitive listings of similar unit type with several indicative prices are not allowed and will be removed immediately as duplicate listings.



Account Suspension

Persistent rules violation can lead to an account suspension without claims of any refunds on the subscription & discretionary services fees.


Automation Softwares (Bots)

Use automation software (bots), hacks, mods or any other unauthorized third-party software designed to access, crawl or collect from AllProperty Media Co., Ltd. services and/or Third Party Data and Services is strictly not allowed.


Data Mining

Use of any unauthorized third-party software that intercepts, "mines," or otherwise collects information from or through AllProperty Media Co., Ltd. Ltd and/or Third Party Data and Services is strictly not allowed.