V.I.P. Housing awarded highly commended for Best Housing Architectural Design (Bangkok)

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[Special Advertising Feature] Dramatic, palatial, and utterly unique, The Obsidian by V.I.P. Housing Company Ltd., is a striking masterpiece of architectural wonder; testimony to the potency of Thailand’s property development power, set on the outskirts of the capital, on Bangkok’s western edge.

Taking sophistication and artistic craftsmanship to the suburbs of Klong Bang Pran, the housing development is simply spectacular.

With an ambition to spread their reach far, bringing quality and creativity to every level of development, V.I.P. Housing was awarded highly commended for Best Housing Architectural Design (Bangkok) at the 14th annual PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards in August 2019.

Adding a sense of drama to the architecture and interiors is collaborator SHADE Architects, with Vista Pagoda creating an individual narrative with the landscape design.

With a clubhouse and 21, three-story homes, The Obsidian is truly a haven for potential residents. The underpinning design ethos is for the architecture, as well as the interiors, to parade a style that is stately and sophisticated with an injection of nostalgic Hollywood glamour.

The concept of the architectural features draws inspiration from the obsidian volcanic stone; symbolising strength, protection, healing, and positivity, as well as bringing success and prosperity. The use of this design directive within the project captured the imagination of the judges at this year’s awards.

“The dark, glass-like colours and patterns of the stone are added to architectural elements with confidence and bold expression at The Obsidian by V.I.P. Housing, to such an effect that the intensity of this design approach reaches an almost cinematic quality in places.”


While most of the houses are around a spacious 500 square metres, the architecture majestically conjures up a greater feeling of space. Meanwhile, a classic staircase with a banister is reminiscent of old-style family homes, wrapping contemporary architectural skills up in a warm and inviting ambiance.

A double-height interior links the three floors of the homes at The Obsidian, allowing for better airflow and also to recreate a grand house feel rather than a boxed-in atmosphere. Regardless, each room is envisioned as its own individual statement piece, such as the elegant master bedroom retreat with full-length glass doors leading out to a large private balcony and linking to a courtyard.

A terrace also extends outside on the upper floor. These outdoor spaces are beautifully framed at the front, outdoors, with a stylised architectural border.

The entrance with its unique golden-column design, that is anything but understated, sets the tone with texture, elegance, and a grown-up character that is luxurious and unapologetically intentionally opulent.

Outdoors, the country estate sentiment continues unabated with a grand garden with trees where residents can enjoy relaxation at the swimming pool, whirlpool, or on the terrace.

A waterfall with seating and a pavilion are restful too, while for all its strong sense of identity, the architecture evokes the relaxed feeling of residents having ‘arrived’ into a luxurious setting they are well and truly worthy of.


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