The Power of a Story.

20 ธ.ค. 2562

The concept of a story has developed from its traditional format. A story was previously known as a form of entertainment where a series of events from imaginary or real people were documented and told. A story is also used to account for past events in someone’s life.

However, with the advent of social media, a story has now become a vital marketing tool, which was discussed in-depth during a panel, ‘How to tell a digital tale that will grip your audience’ at the PropertyGuru Real Estate Summit 2019.

Stories are used across all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. In this context, a story is commonly used to portray an event or bring awareness to something such as a product.

The panel discussed how a story is used to evoke emotion and as a media campaign to engage with the user, which is amplified further as stories are watched by people who actively search for it.

This is a contradiction to normal advertising methods that are thrust everywhere, from billboards to the side of trains, buses, and taxis, from posters to ads that pop up on our screen.

Beauty blogger demonstrating how to make up and review products

A perfectly executed story takes its audience on a journey. For property this might be the process of looking for a house, watching it being built or viewing a walkthrough of each room.

Companies need to have active and current social media accounts to keep up with the latest marketing trends and to keep their audience stimulated, with the ultimate aim of securing a sale.

Technological advances such as drones have become an invaluable resource in the real estate industry that also boosts storytelling according to Shailesh Goswami, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Foyr who sat on the Real Estate Summit panel.

They can show a view from the 29th floor of a condominium before it is even built and provide a bird’s eye view of a plot of land to show what surrounds it. They offer audiences an impressive insight into a product without having to be there.

Some developers have even successfully sold properties to investors who have not even been to the site or even stepped foot in the country thanks to these new marketing techniques.

Power of Story from Social Media_03

For audiences to engage with stories, they need to be authentic and trustworthy. Posting on social media can be polished taking hours to perfect with the right filters and wording.

However, the nature of Facebook and Instagram stories is that they offer a raw insight as they are living for a limited time. Of course, they too can be flawlessly edited but there has been a real turn-off for ‘fake’ social media of late, and marketers are well aware that the power of a story is one that relates to its audience.


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