10 Properties of a High-Privacy Condominium

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10 Properties of a High-Privacy Condominium
Before we make decisions to buy a condo unit, we often research about the project through reading project reviews, asking information from the experts, or visiting the actual site by yourself. One of the common things we always look for in a project is privacy.
Frequently we were informed that the project has high privacy, whether through advertisement, salespersons, or the project reviews, but only until we’re living there that we find the message misleading. Therefore, we have listed 10 properties for you to check out that the project you are considering to buy is truly a high-privacy one.

Distant from Noise Pollution

Even though the project is in a prime location, that also means the place is likely to have high noise pollution from the surrounding amenities: nightlife entertainments, department stores, and events. Especially a project that situates next by the main road will give buzzing sound from the cars until late at night. For those who prefer a serene-atmosphere project, low-rise condominiums are more suitable.

Units Per Floor

Next thing you need to look at is the units per floor. In general, high-rise condominiums have around 30 units per floor, which is high enough to create disturbance from the noise of people walking in the corridor.
However, there are some high-rise condos which have only around 15-16 units per floor, a quantity that can provide tranquility. Low-rise condos, on the other hand, certainly offer more serenity due to its less total unit almost in double.

Single Corridor

Most projects are designed in double corridor, a passage on each floor that has residential units on both sides of the walls. A single-corridor project will create more sense of privacy as there will be fewer units on each floor and fewer people passing your room. As well, you won’t be encountering neighbours on the opposite side upon leaving or entering the room.

Balcony’s View

Besides organised layout in the room, the balcony area is also important and shouldn’t be overlooked. Some projects have multiple buildings (Building A, B, C, D), or one building designed in U-Shape, H-Shape, or L-Shape; a high-privacy unit should have a balcony that offers a clear view, without the vision of the nearby road or another unit’s balcony on the opposite side.
Despite some distance between the buildings, having a view of underwear on a drying rack on the opposite balcony will surely not complement a sense of privacy.

Distant from Elevators

Many buyers choose units close to the elevators for the convenient access, but in terms of privacy, units which are remote from the elevators are more suitable. If your unit is next to the elevators, all tenants on that floor must walk pass your room, thus, creating interrupting noise of steps. You would also hear people talking while they wait for the elevators, and beeping sound when an elevator arrives.

Units Per Elevator

To have great privacy in the project, one elevator should be used for only 100 units. However, some high-rise condominiums use an elevator to accommodate up to 120-150 units; this will slow down the flow and result in queues, thus, lessen the sense of privacy in that area.
Low-rise condominiums, in contrast, have only around 30-50 units for one elevator, providing a greater flow and privacy in this area. Some luxury projects provide a private elevator that sends the resident right in the room’s foyer for the ultimate privacy, in addition.
The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok is one that offers private elevators.

Access Control Elevator

Nowadays, most projects offer Access Control Elevator, a system that allows residents to access specific floor via keycard. This has been a widespread practice as it does not only give the privacy, but also the security. There will be no strangers walking in the same corridor with you.

Facilities Area

A high-privacy condo should have its facilities area separated from residential areas. The facilities are located on the same floor as residential units, that means anyone in the project will have access to this floor. Some may prefer units close to the facilities for convenient access, but with this selection, the sense of privacy must be sacrificed.

Large-Scale Facilities

Not only the facilities area has to be separated from the living zone, it should be ample to accommodate residents as well. This does not mean the swimming pool or the fitness has to be large in size, but a great number of facilities should be located throughout the project to decentralise residents for an airy atmosphere. In other words, the more facilities, the less crowding of people, and, of course, more privacy when you use them.

Fixed Parking Lot

Parking lot might be far from the living area, but it’s also a part of the overall privacy in a project. A high-privacy project should provide ample parking space and without the use of double parking. Some project has a fixed parking lot for each resident, which is very convenient and private for them; some new-launched projects offer automated parking, which gives an even higher level of that.
We have mentioned several times in this article that low-rise condominiums give a greater sense of privacy, however, don’t take it as a conclusion and delete high-rise condominiums out of your options.
There are many factors that you need to concern: price, facilities, proximity to workplace or school, a concept that matches your personal taste, etc. Nevertheless, a few of these 10 properties should be a part of your considering project if you wish to live in a high-privacy condominium.
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