3 Fundamental Factors for Choosing Locations

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3 Fundamental Factors for Choosing Locations
Nowadays it’s becoming more difficult to decide where you want to live; factors such as credibility of the developer, house structure, space, or even financial ability, have troubled buyers to own such property.
Some of the aforementioned factors may not be under our control, yet location, which is the most important factor, can be selected carefully by finding these 3 attributes.

Clear Traffic and Multimodal Transportation

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Traffic and modes of transportation are crucial factors in terms of living. Some people spend days, or even weeks, to observe the traffic movement in their targeted locations; some even rent an apartment nearby and live there to gain actual experience.
Everyday we travel to work or study some distance from our place, thus knowing the traffic condition or the availability of public transport in that location would help you make a better choice about where to live. Of course, none would choose a place infamous with traffic congestion.
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Surrounded by Amenities

64679612 - kaohsiung, taiwan, 11 may 2014: southern located in taiwan, is a port city, has developed rapidly in recent years, many foreign visitors have come to play and 11 may 2014 in kaohsiung.
People who live in a single house or townhome often own personal vehicles for the convenience of reaching important places, still, the distance from your house to public amenities shouldn’t exceed 20 or 30 kilometres.
It’s true that the farther away from the inner city, the less price the house would cost; however, a greater distance also translates to a higher petrol expense. The best way is to choose a location which affects your finance the least, while still suits your lifestyle.
Necessary public amenities such as hospital and police station, or school if you have children, should be within 10 kilometres or less than a 15-minute drive to reach, actually; the father these places are, the riskier your life is in case of unexpected incidents.
Restaurants and department stores may be secondary, yet having some in the vicinity could also determine whether or not you would like that location.

Low Risk of Natural Crisis

26255105 - bangkok - november 11: a group of people evacuates from the flooded area at taling chan district during the massive flood crisis on november 11, 2011 in bangkok.
This factor is often overlooked and has led many buyers to find disappointment. The two previous factors are often given more weight when people decide where to live, unconcerned about potential natural crises such as flood, storm, or fire, which are beyond anyone’s control. Natural crises don’t often occur, it’s true, yet those who’ve once experienced it definitely wouldn’t overlook this factor.
Recalling the nationwide flood in 2011, where most areas west of Bangkok submerged underwater due to the region’s altitude below sea level (Diagonal Green Area in the city plan refers to low-lying agricultural area where water from all directions gravitates to), not only countless number of houses but temples, factories, and mosques were also heavily damaged, causing citizens difficulties to find a good night’s sleep or even a pillow to rest head-on.
These 3 fundamental factors would help home seekers to find the right home more effectively. Remember to choose a location with favorable transportation, surrounded by amenities, low risk of natural crisis, and suits your lifestyle. Afterward, you can find the right project by reading project reviews here.
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