What Should I Fit at the Windows?

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What Should I Fit at the Windows?
Bangkok has an interesting skyline. Littered with high rise buildings of different shapes and sizes, many residents want to make the most of this cityscape view. Leaving windows bare of any dressing will maximise the outlook, however, this is not always a practical option.
Window dressings serve several purposes and which one you choose will depend on the property, the interior design look and how you or your tenant lives in the space.
Curtain Home Improvement


As interior design trends have recently veered away from minimalism to more luxurious looks, one way to achieve this is with a pair of curtains. Choosing a plush fabric will enhance the look of the room and set the tone. Plus their size will ensure that few other accessories are needed to complete the aesthetics being set out to achieve.
Thicker curtains and ones fitted with black outlining, create the perfect sleeping environment to shut out urban life on the other side of the window for a dark and quiet sleeping space, hence curtains are often a popular choice for the bedroom.

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The one problem with curtains is that they are either open or closed. There is nothing in between and this is when blinds step in. Slatted blinds can be completely open, completely closed or somewhere in the middle. This is perfect for a property where you want to get some privacy or if the room receives a lot of light that you want to protect the room from.
Roller and Venetian blinds are less flexible but since they come in a host of fabrics, they quickly provide a contemporary feel that can easily match the existing space.
Venetian blinds by the window


The last option is voiles which have really taken off recently. They are a chic alternative to blinds and are considerably easier to clean. This modern option will not shut out the light completely but will help tame it, hence are suited to the living room where you might want to only partially block out the sunshine.
Typically consisting of a sheer piece of fabric, they are a great option for a room that needs privacy and so are often doubled up with curtains, particularly in hotel bedrooms. If voiles are used alongside curtains, remember that the two fabrics need to complement each other so as not to have an overkill.
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