A fitting condo for Gen Z

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A fitting condo for Gen Z
Moving out of parents’ house does not create any burden. Rather, it creates the chance to experience new things. And have a bigger responsibility. It was like a first step growing up. Thus, the condominium chosen needs to be the one that we can be responsible for.
Thai people are familiar with the idea that students need to go back and forth between home and school. Because they are not mature enough to take care of themselves.
Khun August, a Bachelor Degree student from Chulalongkorn University. At 24, she is one of Gen Z members who have a different opinion. She thinks it is not bad to live alone. It has many pros. As long as the right type of property is chosen, it fulfils all needs and fits the owner’s lifestyle.

A door to freedom for Gen Z

As many know, Gen Z loves their freedom. They do what they love to meet their needs. More than talking about how rich they are. Or showing off their wealth through material things. As a result, Gen Z is considered being the generation that grows an interest in property investment. And faster than any other generation before them. Some are still in school and some are at their first jobs.
“Living alone is a chance, I can be responsible for myself and take the next step growing up into an adult. Being alone, I need to take care of all the expenses and prepare all the meals by myself.”
“I love how I don’t need to share things between my 4 siblings like when I was at home. I can travel around freely and don’t need to hire a housemaid. I feel a lot more carefree.”
The comments of Khun August emphasise the perspective of this generation. That big house is no longer the answer. A condominium could be so much more fulfilling of their needs and lifestyle. It’s convenient, low maintenance and also responds to the carefree lifestyle that Gen Z has.
‘พื้นที่ภายในห้อง’ ไม่สำคัญเท่า ‘พื้นที่บนโลกดิจิตอล’

Room space vs digital space.

When talking about ‘freedom’ and ‘lifestyle’. Gen Z may think the diverse lifestyle and activities of this generation mean the space in a condominium needs to be larger. But, Khun August disagreed.
“In my perspective, I don’t need a lot of space. Preferably have space that has great partitions. Fully furnished and ready to move in, so I don’t need to waste my time picking out furniture. Having a bedroom and balcony for relaxing. A small corner for cooking and space for gathering with my friends or family is more than enough.”
มุมพิเศษของคน Gen Z อย่างคุณออกัสคือมุมทำงาน
My favourite area is where I work. It is the area that is considered as the main part of my daily life. As I need to do live streaming. Selling products online and also taking pictures, reviewing products for social media. Also, the space that I can share precious time with people I love. Having facilities such as fitness, park, parking lot, is a must.
Another important factor is the location of the condominium. The location needs to be convenient to travel around, so it saves time and costs. Like the condominium I’m living in, it is near MRT Pink Line Watcharapol Station. Also, it’s near are the expressway, shopping malls, gym, and restaurant.”
Even though the space is small. Because of the property size, it does not cause any inconvenience to Khun August. The reason being Gen Z lifestyle differs from other generations. Since they grew up with a digital lifestyle which could also be called Digital Native. They enjoy doing activities online.
The only working space needed is in front of the computer since she is a Beauty Influencer. So, the Gen Z lifestyle could be fulfilled by appropriate space partition. Giving access to the digital world.

Dream condo + a digital platform

“I decided to choose a condominium around Ekkamai-Ramintra. It is a Low-Rise condominium. With only 8 floors, resort-style, big pool and park available. There are few units, so it’s not overly crowded. I don’t need to spend a lot of time waiting for the elevator when going to work in the morning. The most important reason I chose this place was that the condominium has a system. For residents to use the mobile application to communicate with condominium staff. And arranging transactions.”
After knowing all the criteria considered by Khun August for choosing this condominium. It makes us realise that even though she is at an age filled with dreams and energy and can enjoy doing various kinds of activities. She doesn’t need a very expensive condominium with a huge space. All she needs is freedom and a great location that could respond to her lifestyle.
Another interesting aspect of why she chose this condominium is how they use mobile applications. For example, as tools for communicating with staff. And to make some transactions such as paying the bills. This satisfied the Digital Native lifestyle. Who usually use online platforms to manage things in their life.

Searching easy and fast

Khun August, one of the Gen Z, who is familiar with online platforms doesn’t need to spend a lot of time and expense to search for the right condominium.
“For me, picking out the right condominium that satisfied my lifestyle is not problematic. Because now, there is a huge amount of property data available and easily accessible. I usually use online platforms to search for information. So I’m pretty familiar with online platforms. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or even Zoom used for a video conference with customers.”
ตามหาคอนโดที่ตรงใจได้ง่ายและรวดเร็วตามสไตล์ Gen Z
I gathered information about condominiums through the Google search engine. And searching for extra information and prices through the DDproperty website. The website is considered the number one website. Especially for people who want to gather additional property information. Or on condominiums before purchasing. The information helps you decide whether a particular place would suit your lifestyle. Before you go to visit the actual project. This makes the whole purchasing process much easier.
DDproperty has reported the property market and consumer property market survey. The website is updated with property-related content. It helps buyers and sellers make their decisions. Beginners for property shopping like Gen Z could find their dream condominium. One that would suit their lifestyle.

Gen Z who wants to invest

For people who want to invest in a condominium for Gen Z lifestyle? The first thing that needs to be taken into consideration is readiness. Especially financially. Some people might be a student, first jobber, or some might have a family with financial stability. They could make a purchase right away.
For those who are not ready, a Bank loan and guarantor might be needed. Make sure to consider every aspect before deciding. As a suggestion, condominiums with lower prices could be a good option. Since the income is not as high, and to ensure financial stability in long-term. A luxury or hi-end condominium might be too burdensome at this point.
คอนโดที่เหมาะกับคน Gen Z ต้องตอบโจทย์ไลฟ์สไตล์
Another factor is to ensure that the condominium picked meets your lifestyle. Different people have different needs and those are always changing. At least choose the one that stands out the most. The place with great facilities, locations, and allows you to pursue your lifestyle. Online platform tool is also a plus.
Even though a condominium is a type of property that is separated into units. Sometimes you might need to rely on each other or have problems with each other. Condominium staff are available for contact when there is a problem is necessary. At least it might be better than talking to your problematic neighbour in person.
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