Bangkok places second in the top destinations for digital nomads

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Bangkok places second in the top destinations for digital nomads
There are currently approximately 35 million digital nomads across the globe.
TTR Weekly reported that Bangkok came in second in a study identifying the top digital nomad destinations. Some key factors that determined that rankings included affordability, broadband speed, and the weather.
There are currently approximately 35 million digital nomads across the globe. This lifestyle is driven by the growing demand for hybrid workspaces and the increasing adoption of flexible work. This workforce is expected to will make up one in every three employees by 2035.
Digital nomads can roam for a few months or for many years. Eighty percent of digital nomads, according to research, prefer to settle down in one place for three to nine months.
The Tourism Authority of Thailand and Airbnb are working together on a number of projects to draw in digital nomads and remote workers, such as the “Live and Work Anywhere” project, which was launched earlier this year and involved choosing some of the world’s most remote and worker-friendly locations, according to The Thaiger.
Moreover, The Nation Thailand reported that 82 percent of employees in Thailand are looking for a hybrid work facility for better work-life balance.
Data revealed that “As economies improve, companies cannot underestimate the psychological effect that merging ‘work’ and ‘personal’ life has had over the past two years.” Approximately 70 percent of the participants noted that mental health and well-being should have bearing on employee performance and appraisals. It is crucial for companies to create a culture that encourages employees of all levels to feel appreciated.
Meanwhile, according to The Bangkok Post, Thailand was placed 41st out of 66 countries as the world’s best destinations for remote work.
The Global Remote Work Index’ criteria for the ranking included cybersecurity; digital and physical infrastructure; economic and social conditions; and Covid-19 response.
The factors that hurt Thailand’s score were the country’s somewhat lax approach to fighting cybercrime, healthcare policies, and low mobile internet speed.
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