Can I rent a luxury home?

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Can I rent a luxury home?
Yes! Bangkok has seen several new luxury condominiums coming to the market. Developers have been focusing their sights on this end of the market since buyers at this level are not affected by economical issues such as household debts.
Once there were only a handful of luxury condominiums across the capital but now they have sprung up in the most sought after neighbourhoods. Here land prices are high and so for the sake of profitability, developers have little choice other than to build high-end products. >>The Lastest DDproperty Property Index
These new schemes are painstakingly put together with every element considered from the colour of the walls in the lobby area to the door handles for every door, and it shows. Demand for these properties is high and the appetite for luxury homes has risen from both buyers and from tenants. Some are a collaboration with a hotel brand that stresses the level of services on offer. The ethos is to create a five-star hotel environment but within the privacy and space of a home.
Facilities are second to none. Having a picture-perfect swimming pool and state of the art fitness centre is not enough. Sky lounges, automated parking, private theatres, concierge, meeting rooms, and jogging tracks are just a few of the amenities on offer. Each new building sets to outdo the previous to create a lifestyle matched to the expectation of those living there. >>Why Tenants Have Fallen In Love With Vertical Living?
This new slice of the property market is welcome news to renters who want to lap up this level of luxury. Many people rent due to the flexibility that is on offer and historically there were just a few for buildings for tenants to pick from.
Today they can be found along Sukhumvit, Silom, around the prestigious Lumphini area that encompasses the enclave north of Lumphini Park and east of The Royal Bangkok Sports Club, and alongside the banks of the Chao Phraya River.
This area is seeing a lot of interest of late since development here is rife, not to mention the riverside views that have such a great appeal. >>Fine good areas in Bangkok
Despite many purchasers investing in luxury properties for their own use, there will be some available on the rental market too. Those investing in this tier tend to have multiple homes to occupy freeing up some for the rental market.
Also, some investors will park their money in this type of property with the hope of a good capital return some years down the line, thus renting in the meantime is a way to generate an extra income too. Good news for tenants who like to enjoy the finer things in life! >>Property Mortgages Calculator

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