Home title deeds in Thailand

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Home title deeds in Thailand
There are six title deeds in Thailand which give a specific type of ownership rights in Thai real estate. However, only four can be considered by foreigners.
The other two, Sor Por Kor 4-01 and Sor Kor Nung are included here strictly for information purposes only. The foreigner should not seek to acquire either of these deeds if he wishes to purchase a home or land in Thailand.
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Chanote (Nor Sor 4)

This is the strongest property right a person can attain. This title deed clearly and specifically defines the size and boundaries of the land via government boundary markers which are corroborated with satellite imagery.
This title deed is by far the most secure type of land title.
This title deed must be registered with the local Thai land office where the property is located in order to obtain it.

Nor Sor 3 Gor

The second strongest title deed in Thailand is the Nor Sor 3 Gor. It is second only to the Chanote due to the fact that this title deed does not have the boundaries of the property officially defined. No satellite imagery or government marked property boundaries are included in this deed.
However, the owner of this title deed has the right to request for the proper Thai agency under the government of Thailand to have the property properly surveyed so as to convert/obtain this deed into a Chanote.
As a foreigner, this is one of two title deeds you should consider as land with the Nor Sor 3 Gor title deed may be sold, leased or used as mortgage collateral.
The foreigner who successfully obtains this title deed cannot leave the land unattended for more than 12 years.

Nor Sor Sam

This has been performed. The foreigner can request for the relevant authorities to have the land properly is a confirmed certificate of use but not all the procedures to officially endorse the right to use surveyed but a notice of intent must be made and 30 days public notice allowed before any changes over the status of the land can be legally registered.

Condominium title

The condominium title provides the foreigner with the deed to a part of a building or buildings with more than one owner. It also offers a limited interest in the land and common assets such as swimming pool, gym and communal areas like the stairwell or lobby.

Sor Por Kor 4-01

This is an agricultural title deed intended for Thai farmers as it gives them the right to use and farm on Thai property with a small plot of land reserved for personal dwelling. This is not obtainable to foreigners.

Sor Kor Nung

This is a certificate of possession which recognizes that a person is in possession of land but does not imply or explicitly state that there are any rights associated with the possession.
This is not recommended for foreigners looking to purchase property as they have no rights to the property even if the certificate was paid for.
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