How Much You Should Furnish a Condo Unit For Rent

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How Much You Should Furnish a Condo Unit For Rent
Leasing a condo unit for rent is widespread investment in the real estate market. However, there are plenty of supplies available for the consumers, and one way to get yours outstanding in their eyes can be done through furnishing.
A furnished room is more attractive compared to a bare room; but this input comes with a cost. There are different grades of condominiums in the market, and each should be furnished with an appropriate quantity, as well as an appropriate budget.

Low-End Unit

If your condo unit is in a low-end segment where price ranges between THB 600,000 – 900,000, bring in only necessary furniture such as bed, closet, and a desk for working or studying. As your target tenants would be those with a limited budget, adding too much furniture will incur more costs, and eventually, raise up your rent price which might exceed their budget.
The rent price of low-end condo units can be subdivided into different grades, starting from THB 2,500 per month to THB 7,000 – 8,000 per month; if your unit falls into the upper range, adding a sofa and a TV could be compromised, but bear in mind that the total cost should not exceed THB 15,000.

Middle-End Unit

These are units in condominiums priced around THB 2 – 3 million, a predominant segment in the market. Middle-end condos are usually located near public transits and absorb demand from middle-income consumers such as office workers or those with higher positions who need to commute via mass transit daily.
With the character of tenants, you need to put in more elements to serve their daily needs such as a microwave, refrigerator, tableware, and, if possible, an internet Wi-Fi. You might not want to add fancy and luxury decors to impress tenants as these could get impaired during their stay and subsequently require much refurbishment expense before changing hands to the next tenant. The total furnishing cost for a middle-end condo unit should be between THB 20,000 – 25,000.

High-End Unit

If your condo unit was purchased at the price between THB 5 – 10 million and above, presumably a project in a prime area with convenient access to a public transit and lifestyle landmarks, then your prospective tenants could be foreigners or locals who have a huge budget.
Therefore, you should decorate your room in the best possible way with high-quality furniture. Besides basic elements such as bed, closet, tableware, and refrigerator, you could add more with kitchenware: coffeemaker, toaster, pan, stove, or even an oven.
The bedroom should have a king-sized laid with a premium comfortable mattress; aesthetic artwork could be hung on the wall, while stylish garden could fill the balcony space; all these elements will create impressions for the unit seekers and thus select yours in a timely fashion. And most importantly don’t forget the internet Wi-Fi.
After all, your furnishing cost should be around THB 30,000 – 40,000, but the number could go beyond depending on each unit’s compatibility.
The first two things to know are which segment your condo unit falls in, and who are your prospective tenants. After that furnish your room with a budget suitable for each segment by adding elements that serve well the needs of those seekers: minimal furnishing for low-end, complete and sophisticated for high-end. If you have followed the guide precisely, then it’s a matter of time for the right tenant to find your unit.
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