How to upgrade your bathroom on a budget

DDproperty Editorial Team
How to upgrade your bathroom on a budget
Not many of us have the confidence or know how to get stuck into some home improvements. However, homes that present well and look on trend, sell quicker for this exact reason. Bathrooms are a big room to upgrade and the thought of ripping it out and starting all over again is quite scary. But you can cheat and upgrade your bathroom on a budget. >>Tips On How To Present Your Property At Its Best
Often the bath, sink and toilet are in perfectly good condition but the surrounding items look a bit used or dated. Replacing these comes at a cost so you can cheat and change other items instead, for example the ironmongery. Recent fashions have veered away from stainless steels and more towards, blacks, coppers and golds. Replacing items such as the toilet roll holder, towel rail, and the taps with these latest trends can instantly bring the bathroom to life. Make sure you match with the existing scheme and even add some matching towels too to tie it all together.
Changing the tiles is a bigger job but a very effective one. Whether this is just the tiles on the wall or on the floor. Wall tiles do not necessarily have to be lined straight you could opt for a herringbone layout instead which is ideal if you don’t want to brave it with a new coloured tile, you could choose a simple plainer white and play with the layout instead. Using a contrasting grout and this will become a designer feature itself.

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Poor lighted bathrooms are not very functional. Plus they won’t help a potential buyer see how great the bathroom is. The bathroom along with the kitchen is one room that you want to fit a bright white bulb rather than a warmer yellow one. Spots are a great for a modern look but there are also plenty of other exciting wall or ceiling lights to use instead. You might even decide on a mirror with lightbulbs around the edge to mimic mirrors found in a theatre dressing room.
The final way you can create a good impression without spending a fortune is just to declutter and dress. Hideaway all your toiletries and add some expensive looking soaps or soap dispensers. Use a diffuser to create a relaxing aroma. Even add a plant. If you have a shower curtain replace with a contemporary one, and the bathroom will instantly be lifted.
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