Keep Your Eyes Peeled on Property Viewings

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Keep Your Eyes Peeled on Property Viewings
When looking for a new home you are likely to view multiple properties which becomes confusing and hard to decipher between each one. It is easy to get wowed by properties that are nicely presented like a show home and disheartened by ones that aren’t looking as pristine.
Before going to view properties write a list of all the things you want your next home to have. List this in priority order and refer to them when viewing potentials as it can be easy to get swept up at the moment. Only by viewing a number of properties will you be able to work out whether your wish list is correct. The property in your dream location might be too small and with scuffed walls, but the chic unit you adore is not in your ideal part of town. Should location really remain at the top of the charts then is the size really important? And can you request to the landlord that they paint the walls?

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Take photographs on viewing as a way to log each property. A tape measure is another good tool as some rooms can look deceptively small or big. Take the measurements of your furniture with you if you are looking for an unfurnished unit to check whether items will fit in the rooms. >>Bring A Minimal Look To Your Home
Continue on this practical element and check the shower pressure as a weak shower is disappointing. Figure out if there is enough storage space, and whether there is a washing machine or even hot water in the kitchen. If sleeping in absolute darkness is a must then shut all the window dressings to see if it provides an ideal environment. Check there are sufficient plug sockets well located in each room, and that also there is a good Internet and TV access.
Look for any areas that need repair work, a leaking tap, a window that won’t shut properly or even a loose door handle. It is better to flag these items to the landlord before you move in and make any repair works subject to your offer.
If you are trying to decide between two properties then a second viewing can help clarify your thoughts. Even better still come back on a different day and at a different time to see if there is anything surrounding the property that you did not notice the first time, such as a school playground that you might find disruptive. This is usually the time to look at all the practical elements especially if you have not had time to check the first time. But as soon as you have made your decision, make contact with the landlord or real estate agent to put your offer forward so that you don’t lose out to another interested party.
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