Less is Often More

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Don’t panic, we are not referring to the price you want to achieve, but rather the items in the property that will help with its presentation. Show units at new developments are extensively kitted out. There will be every item imaginable to help sell the lifestyle that the developer wants to portray to prospective purchasers. The dining table will be laid for a three-course meal, slippers will sit neatly in the bathroom, the bookshelf full of the latest reads, luxurious toiletries adorning the dressing area and even designer shirts in the wardrobe.

Many buyers will be coerced by this set up, and probably a bit disappointed when their unit is complete and it is just a bare shell. There is no need to go this far when selling your own home, but a little effort will make a difference particularly if it shows off the property’s best features. A show unit will have been designed by an interior designer at a considerable cost, and who has access to a wide range of furnishings. Visiting them will give you an idea of the latest interior trends, which you could replicate at your property is you are lacking inspiration or starting from afresh.

Should this not be the case then stand back and look at what you have. If the items don’t coordinate or the room is filled with ornaments and personal effects, then remove them. After all, less is often more especially since contemporary styles veer more towards a minimal look, which is much easier to achieve than having to spend time and money sourcing items to fill a room. >>Bring A Minimal Look To Your Home

It is possible to sell at home that is empty. Sometimes it is better to remove the furniture entirely than have dated items that look out of place and do not complement the property. Smaller properties will, however, benefit from being furnished as prospective purchasers will be able to visualize the space, which can often be hard if rooms are on the smaller side.

Only the basics are really required: a bed, sofa and dining table and chair, but adding a few other items will make all the difference. Such as a freestanding light, rugs, cushions on the sofa and a made bed. These items will need to match to bring the room together to create the overall look rather than just throwing them all together in a haphazard fashion. Adding smaller neutral items such as candles, pictures or even towels are good but not always necessary. A room will look sufficiently dressed and inviting with the basics provided that there are items to tie in the theme.

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