Make it easy for your agent to sell

DDproperty Editorial Team
Make it easy for your agent to sell
If the market is buoyant and the price is right, you are probably wondering why your property has not sold and is still on the market. The price will be one of the biggest stumbling blocks why it has not gained traction but work alongside a good agent and they should be feeding you back information like this for a quick sale.
As agents work on commission it would be easy to assume that they are already motivated to sell. However, problem properties will get pushed to the wayside in favour of easier one. So, make it easy on your agent such as from gaining access by giving them keys or leaving a set at the juristic office. No agent has time to run around trying to get keys and there are plenty of alternatives they could show to their prospective purchaser instead.
Always been contactable whether this is by phone, SMS, a social media platform or by email. Check with the agent what their best form of communication is and be on hand to answer any questions in a prompt manner.
If you are living in the property, keep it tidy and inviting. Where possible turn the air conditioning on ahead of viewings and the lights too. This will make for a warm welcome for a great first impression. Plus, it will allow the agent to concentrate on their purchasers rather than running searching for switches.
A good agent will provide feedback after viewings. Be open to this and take on any constructive criticism to help sell your property quicker. If multiple prospective buyers comment that the price is too high, then reduce it. Likewise, if the pink on the walls isn’t to everyone’s taste then paint it in a more neutral tone. Remember most buyers want a hassle-free purchase and they often lack the imagination to envisage what it would look like should any alternations been made.
Whilst keeping in regular contact with your agent is key, there is a fine line between keeping them motivated and annoying them. You may even find that they are desperate to get rid off you so this might even encourage them to push your property even more!
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