Nifty Storage Hacks for Small Spaces

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Nifty Storage Hacks for Small Spaces
Living on your own has its perks. No fighting over the bigger bedroom, no one else to tidy up after and the pick of the channels on the television. Fortunately, Bangkok is awash with a range of studio and one-bedroom apartments perfect for those wishing to embrace solo living. For the sake of affordability these units tend to be on the smaller size, therefore, it can sometimes be tight to fit everything in. Cue nifty storage solutions that make use of every nook and cranny.

1. Concealed shoe storage

Create the perfect first impression by investing in some shoe storage to avoid a mountain of shoes by the front door. There are different styles on the market depending on the available space but tidying up this area will be the perfect welcome home.

2. Bed that is not just for sleeping

With a standard bed, there is often dead space underneath that just collects dust. Fit a pull out drawer on sliders or store items that are no longer in use in plastic storage containers. Depending on the space you might even opt to decide on a pull out bed or sofa bed to free up the room during the day. Additionally, some beds come with built-in storage features proving that a bed has more than one purpose.
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3. Declutter bathrooms

A mirror above the basin that doubles up as a vanity unit is a great way to have a home for your toiletries. Even fitting a few hooks on the back of the door to hang towels or buying some storage racks to go beneath the sink with make a huge difference. Plus these can easily be removed and reused in your next home. >>How To Upgrade Your Bathroom On A Budget

4. Clever compact furniture

Foldaway dining chairs or even a table that can be opened into various sizes is a great way to ensure you have all the necessary furniture even if you are tight on space. Some companies specialise in furniture that can be neatly hidden away when not in use or even come with fitted built-in storage such an ornate Chinese storage box that can double up as a coffee table. >>4 Cheats Way To Upgrading Your Kitchen

5. Shelving

shelving whether it is affixed to the wall or portable is a quick fix to provide storage especially any that is floor to ceiling. Check the terms of your contract before fitting anything more permanent but if you are permitted to do so, then really clever shelving solutions include a skinny shelf above the bed which can replace bedside tables and is ideal for books and an alarm clock. Even a single shelf above a doorway will make a difference providing a home for ornaments and will also make the room feel bigger too.
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