For Foreign Residents, Large Living Spaces and Well-Behaved Neighbours are Most Important

For Foreign Residents, Large Living Spaces and Well-Behaved Neighbours are Most Important

“I think foreigners put a lot of emphasis on large living spaces and well-behaved next-door neighbours.”

Levi Huang is a Taiwanese expat who has bought, rented, and invested in properties in Thailand.


I chose my current place because it has everything I need. At the moment, I rent a condominium in Bearing, located close to my workplace. My unit features a total space of around 30 square metres.

The main reason why I chose this place is the large swimming pool. I love swimming, and I don’t quite understand why residents here don’t use the pool that often. Besides having a sizable pool, this condo is near the BTS and rents out units at an affordable rental price of around THB 7,000-8,000 a month.

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A home office that eases commutes

Besides renting a condo unit, I also rent a home office in Bang Na to run my business. I chose that location because it is within walking distance (300 metres) of BTS Bang Na station. From there, I can reach the Asoke CBD within 15 minutes. Getting on the train at Bang Na Station also comes with the added benefit of having seats available.


Foreign Residents-The Importance of Large Spaces and Well-Behaved Neighbours


I like having a home office that’s close to convenient transport options like the BTS. Moreover, it is so multifunctional; I can use this place as a product warehouse, a meeting room, or a studio for product shoots. It’s very convenient to do my work here.

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However, there are also some downsides to living in this area. Currently, there’s an ongoing construction project opposite my home office, which has narrowed down the roadway and causes loud noise. This doesn’t normally happen in my home country. In Taiwan, they would enclose a construction site with fences, plant several trees around it, or put up walls to fence in noise and dust. They would also prohibit access to the affected roadway and offer an alternative route for commuters. They don’t do that here. I hope the Thai government could look into this matter soon.

Another downside is the air pollution. The air quality in Bang Na is quite bad because there are several manufacturing plants in the area. Dining options are also limited, whereas in Rama 9 where I used to live, there is a great variety of eating places.

At present, I don’t have any plans to relocate since I’ve already settled here as my place of business. I don’t have plans to move out of my condominium either, but I could easily do so if I want to. Many condo units are already fully furnished, which means I wouldn’t have to think about buying furniture.

When leasing out a unit, I recommend to furnish it first. It could sway a renter’s decision because a furnished unit allows them to move in right away. In Taiwan and China, it’s different; people lease out only bare units.

I find it very convenient being able to relocate to a new condo unit without having to pack too many things. In fact, if I were to move out today, I would be able to find a furnished unit by tomorrow. The deposit payments for renting a condo unit are not that high either.


Thailand’s property market is still attractive for investments

Five years ago, Thailand’s property market was booming, in line with the country’s expanding economy. Back then, I came to Thailand temporarily to observe the market and the investment atmosphere in ASEAN countries. In my opinion, the prices of properties in Thailand are quite reasonable and attractive for investments. More importantly, the prices are much lower compared to countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, or China.


Foreign Residents-The Importance of Large Spaces and Well-Behaved Neighbours


Ultimately, I chose to invest in a condominium because the process is simple and there weren’t too many fees to pay. Furthermore, maintenance and other operational costs were not that high.


Foreign Residents-The Importance of Large Spaces and Well-Behaved Neighbours


It was also five years ago when I bought condominium units in Rama 9 due to their strategic location, which was known to attract a lot of Chinese investors. Back then, there was buzz around a development named The Super Tower, a proposed skyscraper to be built in the area. Since then, property prices in the area continued to rise.

In 2019, I sold one unit in Rama 9 but kept another presale unit. I decided to keep this unit in the meantime due to its close proximity to the intersection that connects to many roads. Besides, there are also buildings of multinational corporations and a number of offices such as the G Tower in this neighborhood. Despite the heavy road traffic, the area is still enticing for investments.

Did you know that foreigners can buy properties in Thailand?

However, in the past few years, the economic slowdowns in Thailand and China have discouraged many Chinese investors from investing in Thailand’s property market. Moreover, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sense of fear among new investors and deterred them from entering the market.


A Real Estate Web Portal for Buying, Selling, and Renting Properties

Five years ago, I was searching for properties to buy or rent while taking several work-related trips abroad. There were several websites I could have used but ended up relying on DDproperty.

A major benefit to using DDproperty is that information is offered in both Thai and English to accommodate foreigners’ needs. On the other hand, other websites are available only in Thai, making it difficult for non-Thai speakers to use them.

Right from the start, DDproperty helped ease the buying and selling processes for me. The website offers plenty of useful information and insights about the listed properties. There’s also an email alert feature that notifies users about property presale events. Such services are invaluable especially for foreigners like me who are looking to find information and compare the pros and cons of different projects. During my search, I used the DDproperty website to find information about properties, and when I found one that interested me, I simply visited the sales gallery or contacted the project’s salesperson.

For expats who want to sell or lease a unit, it’s highly recommended to use a real estate agent as it is more convenient than doing it on your own.


A Dream Home Must Come with a Great Environment

Thailand is still a good choice to build my dream home. I love Phuket and areas like Chalong Beach and Rawai Beach, in particular. The number of tourists in Phuket is still low, the weather is amazing, the environment is tranquil, and the property prices are still reasonable. Building a house there would save me a lot of money. In fact, a budget of THB 2 million would be sufficient to build a nice home or even one with a splendid swimming pool and still have THB 300,000-500,000 left. I would call that place the “Affordable Pool-Villa Home.”


Foreign Residents-The Importance of Large Spaces and Well-Behaved Neighbours


I would love to build a pool-villa somewhere in Thailand where I can retreat, relax, and forget about work for a while. This dream is certainly not impossible. If one can buy a small condominium unit in Rama 9 with a budget of THB 5-10 million, then one could have a large pool-villa somewhere in Phuket or Hua Hin with the same budget. 

When choosing a home to buy or rent, I and presumably other foreigners in Thailand factor in good location, large living spaces, and a peaceful neighbourhood with well-behaved neighbours. It only takes these things to make every foreign resident like me happy and fully content living in Thailand.


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