The Secret Importance of House and Condominium Brochures

DDproperty Editorial Team
The Secret Importance of House and Condominium Brochures
Anyone seeking a house or a condominium, please have a look at this article, because brochure is secretly crucial evidence that one should never overlook.
Not many people realise that house and condominium brochures should be kept throughout the period of purchasing the property – from the unit inspection day, transfer day, till you have settled in the unit for some time – because the brochure is not merely an advertising material, but also a legal document which preserves the rights of every property purchaser.
Especially buyers who have considered purchasing units in an off-plan project, all documents should be kept safely including brochures received from the sales office, advertisements in the newspaper or other media, and pictures of the show units. These can be used as evidence in case the final product happens to be different from what had been declared.
Office of The Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) states that all things and rights developer claimed to provide customers are promises which should be delivered accordingly.
In spite of this statement, we must be aware of our rights whenever we sign a booking document or a sale contract – whether or not it’s a high-profile or small-scale project. Large-scale projects, due to the massive number of residential units, have the possibility in defaulting promises, in addition.
Besides keeping the brochure and documents safely, it is equally important to read them thoroughly – especially new generation consumers who spend less time on reading. Make sure what stated in these papers are the same as in the sale contract, because after your signature has been written down, it automatically means you have accepted all terms and conditions which are difficult to change later on.
All promotions and privileges should be noted as well whether or not they are stated in the contract. Remembering words from salespersons alone doesn’t provide you any tangible evidence, plus, there are a great number of them who, of course, don’t inform customers exactly the same thing.
Have you got the brochure in your hand? If not, see if the sales office is still open and get ahold of it in time. For those who are considering to purchase a completely-constructed house or condominium, a brochure might not be significant. Though, you should inspect every detail of the unit that matches what stated in the contract before signing.
As the nation’s economy is transforming into Thailand 4.0 which brings higher technology and innovation into our daily lives, it is important to be attentive to every detail in order to protect our rights.
And brochure happens to be a secretly crucial evidence every property seeker can use to protect their rights.
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