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The process of buying a "condominium" in the wizard to select a condo easy as you think ...
          1. Find a condo with the requirements of its own budget, then select the project.

          2. Saving / organize financing. The financial plan By installment for housing should not exceed 40% of revenue and ensure that no credit check. (The black list).

          3. current bookings from 20,000 baht to 50,000 baht, or call 100 000 depending on the price of the condo.

          4. The contract should review the complete text of the agreement, such as price, terms of payment. The liability of a late payment or delayed warranties include other attachments, such as a plan specification materials, promotional items, which are made 7-15 days after deposit.

          5. Down down payment as required by the contract.

        6. The progress of construction / finishing work. Track construction to ensure Some projects may have the opportunity to change the terms of certain materials, such as tiles, sanitary ware etc.

         7. Applying for loans Preparation of Documents And apply for loans from financial institutions on construction projects near completion.

         8. Make sure to get a job and work to resolve the case, let the construction is not completed. Should be signed only if there has been rectified only. (Preferably with a friend or a collaborator with inspectors).

         9. transferred After approval and condominium construction is complete. All parties came together at the Land Department, including buyers, sellers and financial institutions to lend. To transfer

 The above is a normal process that is done mostly. However, many projects making process "contract" before starting down payment and an "agreement to sell" when the construction project is nearing completion. So if sales are down or change a contract between the contract is in force. It would have cost to replace the contract.
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