Economical Condominiums Priced Below 1.5 MB for B25,000 Salary Earners

There’re a great number of condominium that price below 1.5 MB located throughout Greater Bangkok. Let’s find out where they are located.

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Update on Loy Krathong and Yi Peng festivals in Thailand

As Thailand continues to observe a 30-day mourning period after the death of His Majesty the King, several notable Loy Krathong festival celebrations across the country have been toned down or cancelled out of respect.

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Secrets on how companies can design workplaces to keep talented employees

It is getting harder and harder for companies to attract and retain the most talented employees. More organisations have begun to realise that the physical workplace is oftentimes a major draw, or drawback, for workers.

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In conversation with KC Lee: how to overcome challenges in Thailand

While Hansgrohe is established in other ASEAN countries, becoming a leader in the Land of Smiles will require hard work as well as a thorough understanding of the market.

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Bangkok brings in the most international overnight visitor arrivals

Recent figures from the annual Mastercard Global Destinations Cities Index shows the Thai capital is the top-ranked destination city by international overnight visitor arrivals.

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Thonglor continues to be Bangkok’s coolest spot

There is no debating that Thonglor has been the hippest spot in Bangkok for years now. With a wide-range of restaurants, bars and stores, the rest of the city continues to flock to the street on Friday and Saturday nights.

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It’s now possible to bring an IMAX theater home

The IMAX movie experience is now available from the comfort of your home if you have USD5 million to spend on the new setup.

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Region’s best designers show off their work

More than 7,000 guests gathered at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands for the third annual Maison&Objet Asia fair in March. The event is an extension of Paris’s design and lifestyle showcase.

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Asia’s HNWIs are the richest in the world

It’s a great time to be an Asian millionaire. According to the new Capgemini World Wealth Report, Asia’s HNWIs have more wealth than those individuals in North America and Europe.

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See your future home using holograms

Real estate developers are now using holograms to help potential residents enjoy a life-like view of what it will be like in their developments.

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Cost of living in Bangkok reasonable for expats

For expatriates living in Bangkok, the price of residing here is getting a little less expensive according to the recent Cost of Living Survey conducted by Mercer.

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Now you see it, now you don’t

Swiss-based minimalist windows manufacturer Vitrocsa has created a revolutionary glass window design that can turn a room into an open space in a matter of seconds.

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Live smart with these apps for the home

Technology continues to revolutionise the way we live and you probably notice this in your home. Here are three apps every homeowner should consider downloading for their smartphone or tablet.

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The Rolls Royce of luggage arrives

When you say an item is the Rolls Royce of its category, the implication is fairly obvious. It is the best and most luxury product available.

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6 Latest Opening Luxury Hotels in Thailand You Shouldn’t Miss

During the past 12 months we have seen a number of exciting new luxury hotels and resorts open up across Thailand. These are the luxury resorts and hotel in the Land of Smiles that are not to be missed.

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Hunting apartment tips for beginners (part 2)

We are back with 12 more of the latest tips for hunting for apartments, condos, and houses! Make sure to add some tips to the lists!

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Thailand recognized by TripAdvisor

Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Phuket earned prestigious recognition from US travellers. In TripAdvisor’s annual TripIndex report, all three of the Thai cities were voted among the 10 most popular and best value cities in Asia.

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Thailand a popular destination for Russian tourists

It should come as no surprise then to learn that the Land of Smiles was named the Best Beach Destination by National Geographic Traveller Russia.

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Hunting apartment tips for beginners (part 1)

Looking for apartments in Thailand might be a bit of a challenge; here are some part 1 of apartments, condos, and houses hunting tips that might help you see what you are missing. Stay tune for part 2

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10 things you should know about LOY KRATHONG

LOY KRATONG is finally here, it is the festival that is known as The Full Moon Party; but these are the 10 things that you might not know about this beautiful tradition that have been celebrated for 100 of years.

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