New Project Preview: KnightsBridge Prime Sathorn

  • Sitth Chongprasobtam
  • 8 September 2016

Knightsbridge Prime Sathorn is a top-brand project from Origin Property PLC., the second eye-catching project with city-location, after the succession of Notting Hill Charoenkrung. The project offers a walkable distance to BTS Chong Nonsi and convenient accessibilities to Silom Road, Rama IV Road, Rama III, and further to Sukhumvit downtown. One of the highlights also lies in the options for conservative or modern living, through monoplex and duplex units respectively; the blend of the two unit types also complements this 43-storey building to have the actual height equal to a 53-storey development. Despite the medium-luxury concept of the residence, the project comes with the starting price at 3 MB; this could be the rarest supply ever born in this prime area.


(Previewed: 2 September 2016)

Project Name: Knightsbridge Prime Sathorn

Developer: Origin Property Public Company Limited (ORI)

Address: Narathiwas Rajanakarin 13 Alley, Narathiwas Rajanakarin Road (BTS Chong Nonsi as the closest public transit)

Project Name: 2-3-68.92 rai (4,675.686 Sq.m.)

Project Type: 43-storey high-rise condominium

Total Unit: 720

Parking: 70% or 506 cars (Automation Parking)

Unit Type:

-1 Bedroom (Monoplex) size 24 Sq.m.

-1 Bedroom (Monoplex) size 30 Sq.m.

-1 Bedroom Plus (Duplex) size 37 Sq.m.

-1 Bedroom Plus (Duplex) size 44 Sq.m.

Facilities: lobby, swimming pool, fitness, library, communal garden, jogging track

Elevator: 4 passenger elevators and 1 service elevator

Construction Progress: Begin in Q3 2017

Expected Completion: Q3 2019

Starting Price: 3 MB or 130,000 Baht/Sq.m.


Project Details

Project Design

Knights Bridge Prime Sathorn "Z"

The picture illustrates different view each zone of the floorplan will have. In addition, the west view also covers the majestic Mahanakhon Tower


As this area is a CBD which comprise a lot of high-rise buildings, KnightsBridge Prime Sathorn has its floorplans designed in Z-Shape to offer every unit a 200-degree city-skyline view without obtrusive skyscrapers, in the best possible manner.

KnightsBridge Prime Sathorn is a 43-storey condominium, but its actual height is equal to a 53-storey one due to the mixture of monoplex and duplex units in the building. Each floor has only 26 units which caters a great sense of privacy.

Furthermore, one of the project’s uniqueness is the automated parking, on 1st-13th floor, which can accommodate 506 cars. When you arrive at the residence, just park your car at the spot, and the elevator will take your car automatically to the parking. When you need your car back, just press the elevator button, the elevator will take the car back to ground floor.


Unit Type Proportion 

Knights Bridge Prime Room Mix

Monoplex 30 Sq.m. 126 units

Monoplex 24 Sq.m. 106 units

Monoplex units are on 14 – 22 FL. *The ceiling height is approx. 2.6 m.

Duplex 37 Sq.m. 266 units

Duplex 44 Sq.m. 228 units

Duplex units are on 23 – 41 FL. *The ceiling height is approx. 4.4 m.




Plan ชั้นดาดฟ้า

Most of the facilities are located on the rooftop, the place where you can find 35-m. lap pool, therapy pool, media club and metropolitan club which is a modern lounge.

Plan ชั้น G

The ground floor has three retail spaces where it could comprise a convenient store, laundry, and cleaning services

Plan ชั้นจอดรถ

1-13 FL. are automated parking floors

Unit Design

Knights Bridge Prime 24 sq.m. Monoplex Layout

24 sq.m. Monoplex Layout

Simulated picture 24 sq.m. Monoplex

Knights Bridge Prime 24 Monoplex Per 2

The simulated view as you enter the unit. Living room and bedroom are connected with no partition, which complements a roomier usable area to the unit

Knights Bridge Prime 24 Monoplex Per

Bedroom has a size of 3×1.5 m.

Monoplex 30 Sq.m.

Knights Bridge Prime 30 Monoplex Per

You will meet living room as the first zone

Knights Bridge Prime 30 Monoplex Per 3

Bedroom has a close size to the Monoplex 24 Sq.m.

Knights Bridge Prime 30 Monoplex Per 2

The extra space for this unit type is designed as a stylish multipurpose room

Duplex 44 Sq.m.

Knights Bridge Prime Sathorn 30 Duplex Plan

The unit comprises, living room, kitchen, bathroom, working room, balcony and bedroom on the mezzanine

Knights Bridge Prime Duplex 44 sq.m.

Contrast to the Monoplex unit, Duplex unit offers a higher sense of modernity which conveys a feel of industrial-design residence in New York. The ceiling height is around 4.4 m. and residents can look out to the spectacular city view from this 5-metre width retreat

Duplex 37 Sq.m.

Knights Bridge Prime 24 Duplex

Duplex with a smaller size and distinctive design for those whom aspired luxury with safer price

Knights Bridge Prime 37 Duplex Per 2

Simulated picture of Duplex 37 Sq.m. The floorplan is designed in logitudinal depth

Knights Bridge Prime 37 Duplex Per 3

Behind the living room is the multipurpose area where the curtain separates the two zones

*Bathroom sanitary are from Kohler/Mogen or same quality brand

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In general, Sathorn and Silom are the most cherished location among all CBD, in the eye of foreigners. The two areas comprise world-class offices and 95% of the available office spaces have been occupied. Sathorn and Silom are currently running out of land plots, and those available are priced at extreme cost around 1.5 MB per square wah. Consequently, the new-development-launch rate in these areas are just 4.7% compared to the total number in Bangkok.

KnightsBridge Prime Sathorn is located on Narathiwas Rajanakarin 13 Alley, which is currently occupied as Shell gas station. The project is approximately 650 metres from Sathorn-Narathiwas Junction and 800 metres from BTS Chong Nonsi.

Routes 1

Important roads, renowned offices, and public transits in the project’s proximity

The project’s position allows easy access to Sathorn, Silom and Rama IV Road, and you can proceed further to Sukhumvit Road through Witthayu Road.

The interesting points about the project’s location is the fact that it is possibly the last feasible land plot in this proximity for any developments; and if you want to reach Rama IV Road, there’s a shortcut passage “Soi Yenakat,” leads you directly to the road, instead of taking Sathorn Road which has a higher density of traffic.

Shortcut to Rama 4

KnightsBridge Prime Sathorn will sit on the last available land plot in this proximity, a large expanse of land in this area is the nearby Rajamangala University of Technology Krungtep


The marked area is the Sotrel Restaurant, located near the project’s location

Toll Ways

A broader view of the project’s location. There are two nearby expressways which are Chalerm Mahanakorn and Sirat Toll way (the first can lead you to Din Daeng and Don Mueang Airport, the second can lead you to Bang Na)


Origin Knightsbride Prime SathornDSC00946

The marked area is where the project will situate (Shell Gas Station will have its land ownership expired in mid 2017, and the project’s construction will begin afterward)


The picture shows the position of the project and this image is taken by Drone (a flying robot)

Origin Knightsbride Prime SathornDSC00943

The left side of the project is Nara 9 condominium from Easternstar which has a lower height

Origin Knightsbride Prime SathornDSC00953-vert

The traffic on the project’s side is clearer than the opposite side

Origin Knightsbride Prime SathornDSC00951

There is an unoccupied land on the opposite side of the project, which is owned by an unknowned individual

Cityscape around the project (taken by Drone)

Knightsbride Prime SathornNorth West

Towards Sathorn and Silom roads

Knightsbride Prime SathornNorth

You can also see Chao Phraya River at the end of your eyesight

Knightsbride Prime SathornSouth East

Towards Rama 3 Road side

Lifestyle Amenities

1. Sortrel Restaurant

Sortrel Naradhiwas

One of the renowned restaurant in this area which is 300 m. to the left of the project. The place offers both outdoor and indoor dining areas, serving delicious Thai food and drinks along delight live music. (picture from

2. ThinkTank

ร้าน Think Tank จะมีบรรยากาศคล้ายกับร้าน Too Fast Too Sleep นั่นคือเป็นพื้นที่ให้นักศึกษาเข้ามาอ่านหนังสือหรือคนได้เข้ามานั่งทำงานกัน พร้อมเครื่องดื่มและอาหารที่เสริฟ์ 24 ชม. ภาพ via:

ThinkTank is a great hideaway for relaxing and study, the place operates 24-hour, a similar concept to Too Fast Too Sleep cafe (picture from

ร้านจะอยู่ด้านหลังมหาวิทยาลัยเทคโนโลยีราชมงคลกรุงเทพฯ สามารถเข้าถึงได้จากซอยนราธิวาส 17

ThinkTank is located in Narathiwas 17 Alley, back of Rajamangala University of Technology Krungtep

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Knightsbridge Prime Sathorn is the true distinction in this prime CBD. The developer has a different mindset in terms of price and location for this luxury high-rise condominium. First, although the project will be located in Sathorn CBD, the actual position is possibly the last feasible land plot in the proximity; meaning the project holds an advantage of being the latest development in those arrays. Second, the project differentiates in pricing with the starting price around 130,000 Baht/Sq.m. for the unit 24 Sq.m., which is much lower than the average price of condominiums in Sathorn and Silom at 200,000 baht/Sq.m. What’s interesting is the fact that the project is designed in a medium-luxury living experience, in spite of the price differences. This advantage offers a wider scope of target market; you don’t need to be a millionaire or famous investor to own a unit in this luxury residence. Compared to the competitors such as Ashton Silom, M Silom, The Bangkok and Nara 9 which has the starting price at 8, 10, 10, and 6 MB respectively, Knightsbridge Prime Sathorn’s is just 3 MB. In addition, the lower starting price is not the only plus, the rent price is also lower than the average, which means a greater scope of lessees are in your hand. In details, the average rent price per month are 17,500 Baht for Monoplex 24 Sq.m., 23,000 Baht for Monoplex 30 Sq.m., 27,500 Baht for Duplex 37 Sq.m., and 33,000 Baht for Duplex 44 Sq.m.

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