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  • 16 June 2023

Hua Hin’s economy and tourism has been growing every year and has become one of the tourist destinations for tourists all over the world. The city was given one of the world’s top 25 most attractive tourism destinations and also in the top 3  throughout Asia by Bloomberg. Infrastructure projects have been constructed in many segments such as Hua Hin International airport, train stations and the upcoming ferry route expansion from Bang Phu, Samutprakarn. High speed rail from Bang Sue Grand Station and Nakhon Pathom to Cha-am motorway.

Subsequently, Hua Hin is becoming a hub for second home investments for both Thai and foreign investors, particularly in Khao Tao beach. Such an area is peaceful, private, not as crowded and offers a beautiful beach with facilities, perfectly blending nature with convenient lifestyles.


One of the interesting projects which is not far from Hua Hin is CARAPACE Hua Hin-Khao Tao. It is located at Khao Tao beach near Petchkasem road. The project is developed and designed by One Place Estate Co., Ltd. This Low Rise condominium is offered in resort styles divided into 2 zones which are Zone A as a residence for 126 units and Zone B as investments for 406 units. The B Zone is managed by Best Western Plus with 4 stars hotel standard allowing customers to be able to own the hotel to generate passive income. The 5% return is guaranteed for 5 years with a total amount of passive income for 15 years and also 15 nights free stay per year. There are many room types available. The space varies between 26 to 43.53 square meters. Every unit is fully decorated by hotel standard with a spectacular sea view. Full facilities access in the common area whether it be the Grand Lobby, All Day Dining, Fitness, Swimming Pool, Water park, Beach Club. The price starts from THB3.5 million.


Project insights

  • Name: CARAPACE Huahin-Khaotao
  • Developer : One Place Estate Co., Ltd
  • Location: Soi Hua Hin 101, Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan
  • Website:
  • Tel: 086 996 6662-3


Project details

  • Total project area : 16,000 square meters
  • Project type: Low rise condominium decorated in resort style with 4-8 floors. Total of 6 buildings, total unit 532 units which 126 units are in Zone A and 406 units are in Zone B for the investments
  • Room type: 1 bedroom 26 – 43.53 square meters.
  • Parking space : around 140 slots or 26% (34% combined with double parking)
  • Construction status: Fully done, ready to transfer ownership
  • Security: CCTV installed across all areas with 24 hours security guards.
  • Common area fees: 40 Baht/ square meters/ month (1 year advance payment on the transfer ownership day)
  • Common area : Grand Lobby, All Day Dining, Grand Ballroom, Fitness, Swimming Pool, Water park, Beach Club
  • Price : 3.5 – 7.8 million Baht



  • 5% guaranteed return for 5 years from the net settlements and furnitures (will be guarantee 5% in the first year since 1 September 2022 to 31 August 2027)
  • Get 60% return from year 6th to 15th according to the actual performance (investment matures on 31 August 2037)
  • Get 15 nights free stay per year. 10 days for Monday to Thursday and 5 days for Friday to Sunday and public holidays. This offer excludes stay in November to February, Songkran and Chinese New Year.
  • Free fully furnished furniture with hotel standard


Project Details

Project details

CARAPACE Huahin-Khaotao, Low rise condominium with exquisite resort style. Interior was designed under the Modern Contemporary Concept. The area is splitted into 2 zones. Zone A for residences has 4 floors, 3 buildings with a total of 126 units. Zone B is a hotel zone managed by Best Western. This zone has 8 floors in 1 building and 7 floors in 2 buildings with the total of 406 units. These two zones will be separated by fence for the highest privacy.

Zone B for long-term investment consisted of 3 buildings which are B1, B2 with 7 floors and B3 with 8 floors. There are many room types available. One bedroom type offers 26.00 to 43.53 square meters, fully furnished. The building is designed with curves to blend in with landscape and the beach harmoniously. Mostly the units are facing sea view.


Master Plan

From the Master Plan, there are 2 zones. One is for residence and the other one is for investments. These two zones are separated by the fence. The common area is in the center of the projects and is designed all the way up to the beach. It is connected with a swimming pool, park, beach club, and the beach. The building is designed to face towards the sea offering sea view for every unit. Near Zone A is the public park in which the project is permitted by Hua Hin municipality to improve the landscape. The last part is the Beach Club which is located in the land owned by One Place Estate Co., Ltd. The area was developed into restaurants near the beach allowing both inside and outside guests to use the service. It is not included in the common area but the residents can use this area as the route to the beach.


Facilities in the project


The corridor was designed with a high ceiling allowing natural light to come through making the atmosphere feel very relaxed.


Grand Lobby is for welcoming the hotel guests.


All Day Dining for the dining area for hotel guests.


Waterpark and common area are designed all the way up to the beach


Waterpark has slides and rides for the children, so it is a great place to get away for family vacation.

The Grand Ballroom is a big meeting room which has capacity for up to 450 guests. It is very appropriate for meetings, seminars, weddings, parties and other activities. The investors will get part of the income from the rental as well.


Fitness offers big space with a full range of fitness equipment including treadmill, weight-training gears, bicycle, and etc.


Beach club zone was designed with a huge swimming pool with swings and sunken seats for guests to relax near the beach. The guests can take a walk to the Khao Tao beach from this area.


Other than that, this area also has many relaxing spots for guests to spend their time. There are daybeds in front of the swimming pool, and also Caraspace coffee shop could be a chic check-in spot for guests to sip their coffee, have desserts and have a walk along the beach.


Project Overview

CARAPACE-Huahin-Khaotao-RoomRoom Review_1

When entering the room, there will be a hallway

CARAPACE-Huahin-Khaotao-RoomRoom Review_2

The door was installed with Digital Door Lock and using Key Card Access according to the hotel standards. The lighting switch is touch system

CARAPACE-Huahin-Khaotao-RoomRoom Review_3

Closet is on the left and build-in storage space is on the right side along with spaces for shelves, refrigerator, safe box, kettle for hotel guests.

CARAPACE-Huahin-Khaotao-RoomRoom Review_4

Drinks are prepared for guests including tea, coffee, and water.

CARAPACE-Huahin-Khaotao-BedroomRoom Review_5

Moving further, there will be space for a bedroom and living area. Putting together all functions in one place.

CARAPACE-Huahin-Khaotao-BedroomRoom Review_6

The spacious bedroom space is perfect for 2 residents. It could fit 2 3.5 beds. On the right side is the balcony with a sliding door allowing natural light and cool breeze to come through. The residents could go out to the balcony to see the ocean view.

CARAPACE-Huahin-Khaotao-RoomRoom Review_7

The headboard was designed with minimal aesthetics inspired by seashells, crab’s little house. There are two side tables on each side to put things on.

CARAPACE-Huahin-Khaotao-RoomRoom Review_8

The opposite of balcony is divided into 2 sections by the sliding door which are hallway and bathroom.

CARAPACE-Huahin-Khaotao-RoomRoom Review_9

Bathroom is splitted up into dry and wet spaces. Fully furnished with sink, mirror, toilet with bidet, tissue holder, shower and a ventilator fan.

CARAPACE-Huahin-Khaotao-RoomRoom Review_10

At the end of the bed is decorated for installing Smart TV and there is a small living area with working table along the side

CARAPACE-Huahin-Khaotao-RoomRoom Review_11

Table and chair have been prepared in the living corner.

CARAPACE-Huahin-Khaotao-RoomRoom Review_12

Office/Reading corner connects with the living area near the balcony.

CARAPACE-Huahin-Khaotao-RoomRoom Review_13

Spacious balcony is decorated with a table and a chair for relaxing time outside.

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Location potential


CARAPACE Huahin-Khaotao is situated on a high potential location near Khao Tao beach without any beach road in the middle, so it is very convenient to take a walk and swim along the beach. The area is surrounded by nature and offers high privacy.

Facilities needed are all available including shopping centers, famous restaurants, movie theater, amusement park, huge water park and also big hospital. It is easy to commute on ground, on water and also air travel. Traveling by car would take only 3 hours from Bangkok.


The project Location

Map of the project

In front of CARAPACE Huahin-Khaotao is Khao Tao beach, so it is convenient to walk to the beach. At the back of the project is mountain view near Petchkasem road which is not that far from the famous Hua Hin’s Rajabhakti Park. The entrance of the project is filled with restaurants and a convenience store, 7-11. It is very convenient to travel around Hua Hin.



It is very convenient to travel to the project. It only took 3 hours from Bangkok. DDproperty would like to suggest the best way to go to CARAPACE Hua Hin-Khao Tao from Phetchaburi using Petchkasem road.


From Robinson Lifestyle Phetchaburi on Petchkasem Road going towards Cha-Am and Prachuap Khiri Khan


Taking the underpass of Hua Hin International Airport.


Turn right when driving pass Hua Hin District. Going towards Pranburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province on Petchkasem Road.


Looking for Khao Tao sign and turn left to Soi Hua Hin 101


Turning left into Hua Hin 101


Arrived at CARAPACE Huahin-Khaotao


The entrace of CARAPACE Huahin-Khaotao


CARAPACE Huahin-Khaotao with hotel standards oprating by Best Western Plus


Lifestyle attractions


Photo by

Cicada Market Hua Hin is a super chill night market in central Hua Hin which opens every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 16.00 to 23.00. A lot of handmade designs and crafts are available including home decor pieces, clothing, accessories, etc. Delicious food both Thai and international are available. The market is surrounded by big trees so it is relaxing. Live music and performances are in many spots across the market such as musicals at Cicada Amphitheatre and busking such as b-boy dancing, magic shows. This market is 9.4 kilometers from the project.


Photo by

Tamarind market is next to Cicada market. Guests can visit the market by walking. The atmosphere is chill and not too crowded. Thai and international food are also available with shops and dining areas. Street food and proper meals are offered here. This market is suitable for family and group of friends hanging out on their weekend getaways. Opening hours are from Thursday to Sunday at 17.00 – 23.00. It is 9.2 kilometer away from the project.


Photo by

Chatchai market is an old famous market in Hua Hin. It was built in 1926 During the reign of King Prajadhipok, Rama VII. It was famous within both Thai and foreign tourists. The market is not cramped but airy and offers a variety of food choices. This market is most famous for their fresh seafoods, souvenir shops and restaurants such as congee shop, oily rice with chicken, Thai desserts, noodle shops, fresh fruit stalls, Ku Chai, Singapore Lod Chong, Pak Mor crackers, squid roe, grilled seafood, and more. Opening hours are from 05.00 – 16.00. The distance from the project is 13 kilometers away.


Attractions around the projects

Department stores and shopping

  • 7-Eleven, Khao Tao Community Branch about 600 meters from the project
  • Lotus Express Hua Hin Housing Branch about 1.1 kilometers from the project
  • Hua Na Market, Hua Hin, 8.2 kilometers from the project
  • Cicada Market Hua Hin, about 9.4 kilometers from the project
  • Hua Hin Night Market about 12.8 kilometers from the project



  • Ban Khao Tao Health Promoting Hospital about 1.3 kilometers from the project
  • Hua Hin 3 Hospital, about 7.3 kilometers from the project
  • Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin about 10.9 kilometers from the project
  • San Paolo Hospital 11.9 kilometers away from the project



  • Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin Wang Klai Kangwon Campus about 2.6 kilometers from the project
  • Royal Thai Army Officer School Maha Mongkut Yothin Education Camp about 3.7 kilometers from the project
  • Patravadi School, Hua Hin, about 7.8 kilometers from the project
  • Hua Hin Wittayalai School 11.6 kilometers away from the project
  • Hua Hin School 13.6 kilometers away from the project
  • Wangklaikangwon Industrial and Community Education College about 15.4 kilometers from the project


Other landmarks

  • Khao Tao Beach, about 300 meters from the project
  • Royal projects Khao Tao Reservoir about 1.2 kilometers from the project
  • Sai Noi Beach, about 1.6 kilometers from the project
  • Suan Son Pradiphat beach about 4.7 kilometers from the project
  • Rajabhakti Park about 5 kilometers from the project
  • Hua Hin Safari, about 7.2 kilometers from the project
  • Khao Takiab Beach about 7.6 kilometers from the project
  • Hua Hin Railway Station about 12.2 kilometers from the project
  • Klai Kangwon Palace, about 15.3 kilometers from the project
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Who is suitable for CARAPACE Huahin-Khaotao?

CARAPACE Huahin-Khaotao is developed and designed by One Place Estate Co., Ltd, offering Low Rise condominium in resort style. It was designed by Modern Contemporary Concept. There are two zones. Zone A is residential properties for a total of 126 units, while Zone B is for investment in a total of 406 units. Customers can co-own the hotel which operates under the management of Best Western Plus. There are many types of rooms available between 26.00 – 43.53 square meters. Every unit is decorated according to hotel standards with seaview access from the balcony. Fully furnished with great facilities and common area. The price starts from 3.5 million Baht. It is a great vacation home for a getaway and also great for long-term investments which have a return guaranteed by Best Western Plus, who has expertise in managing hotel services.

If you’re not sure about your mortgage qualification or financial ability, you can read our property buying guides here or use our mortgage calculator to find credit, instalment amount and other expenses prior to the purchase of properties.

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