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  • 4 June 2019

Sathorn ranks among the top addresses for being an economic hub or the real CBD of Bangkok. Most land plots in Sathorn are occupied, especially on Sathorn Tai Road where a variety of activities concentrate. Generally, there’re 6 elements a best-in-class location like Sathorn holds: Workplace, Schools, Medical, Accessibility, Shopping and Recreation.

Such holistic traits of Sathorn continuously gain its residential properties, most of which are condominiums, much interest from buyers and developers. The new project on this road is Supalai Icon Sathorn by Supalai Public Company limited. Designed as “The Icon of Success and Happiness,” this is a luxury condominium standing 56 storeys tall with 787 units available in various types. Other perks include full facilities, proximity to BTS, MRT and BRT as well as expressway entries (Rama 4 and Sathorn). The starting price is 8.2 million baht.

Supalai Icon Sathorn_overall-002A

Project insights

  • Project Name: Supalai Icon Sathorn
  • Developer: Supalai Public Company Limited
  • Address: Sathorn Road, Thung Maha Mek, Sathorn, Bangkok
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 1720


Project Details (as of 27/04/2019)

  • Project Area: 7-3-82 Rai
  • Project Type: High-rise condominium with 56 storeys (not included rooftop) and 787 units
  • Green Space: over 2 rais
  • Facilities:
    Inside the unit
    – Home Automation System
    – Smart Kitchen
    – Intelligent Toilet
    – Digital Door Lock
    – Double Glazing in every bedroom
    Inside the project
    – Maldives Swimming pool (2)
    – Jacuzzi
    – Pool Deck
    – Double Space Fine Fitness
    – Table tennis Space
    – Flying Yoga
    – Yoga & Aerobic
    – Boxing Kangaroo
    – Group Cycling
    – Milky way Theatre & Karaoke
    – Aqua Hydrotherapy
    – Sauna & Steam
    – Wisdom library & Co-living Space
    – Kids’ Club
    – Playground
    – Mini Climbing Simulation
    – Opal Sky Lounge
  • Elevators: 8 passenger elevators, 2 service elevators and 2 parking elevators
  • Starting Price: 8.2 million baht
  • Average Price/sqm: Approx. 185,000 baht

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Duplex_REVA

  • Unit Type
    – 1Bedroom 42-61 sqm
    – 2Bedroom 65-98 sqm
    – 3Bedroom 100.5-343 sqm
    – 4Bedroom 206.5-350 sqm
    – Super Penthouse 970 sqm


Topics about the Triple Y Residence
1. Project Details
2. Location
3. Analysis
4. Summary


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Project Details

Overall details of the project

Supalai Icon Sathorn, the luxury modern contemporary condominium, got inspiration from nature and Australian-style free-form lines. The place offers fully equipped facilities. It’s a place where you find both active and passive exercise, and superior tranquillity at the heart of Sathorn neighbourhood.

Floor Plan

Supalai Icon Sathorn is a condominium standing 56 floors tall (not including the rooftop). Each floor consists of the following details:

  • Floor 1: Commercial space, bin room, mate room, security guard room, mechanical room and parking lots.
  • Floor 2: Lobby, commercial space, juristic person office and parking lots
  • Floor 3-10: Parking lots and office space
  • Floor 11: Swimming pool, facilities and office space
  • Floor 12-18: Residential area and office space (17 residential units/floor)
  • Floor 19: Residential units (24 units/floor)
  • Floor 20-30: Residential units (24 units/floor)
  • Floor 31-38: Residential units (23 units/floor)
  • Floor 39: Residential units (21 units/floor) and garden
  • Floor 40-42: Residential units (21 units/floor)
  • Floor 43: Residential units (19 units/floor)
  • Floor 44-46: Residential units (19 units/floor)
  • Floor 47-48: Residential units (12 units/floor). Duplex units and garden
  • Floor 49-52: Residential units (12 units/floor). Duplex units
  • Floor 53-54: Residential units (6 units/floor). Duplex units, Opal Sky Lounge and garden.
  • Floor 54: Residential units (Duplex) and Co-living space
  • Floor 55-56: Penthouse 1 unit

AW Floor-Room Plan 1-46

Floor Plan 12-19, 20-30

AW Floor-Room Plan 1-46

Floor Plan 31, 32-38

AW Floor-Room Plan 1-46

Floor Plan 39, 40-42

AW Floor-Room Plan 1-46

Floor Plan 43, 44

AW Floor-Room Plan 1-46

Floor Plan 45-46

Unit Plan

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Penthouse_REVA

Various unit types are on the offer ranging from 1 Bedroom to 4 Bedroom, and Super Penthouse with the usable area of 42-970 sq.m., as follows:

AW Floor-Room Plan 1-46

AW Floor-Room Plan 1-46

1 Bedroom Type

AW Floor-Room Plan 1-46

2 Bedroom Type

AW Floor-Room Plan 1-46

2-3 Bedroom Type

AW Floor-Room Plan 1-46

2-3 Bedroom Type

SI - Brochure Cover v9

4 Bedroom Duplex Type

SI - Brochure Cover v9

4 Bedroom Duplex Type


Facilities in the project

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Topview_REVA

Supalai Icon Sathorn’s wide range of facilities include Maldives Swimming pool (2 pools), Jacuzzi-Pool Deck, Double Space Fine Fitness, Table tennis Space, Flying Yoga, Yoga & Aerobic, Boxing Kangaroo, Group Cycling, Milky way Theatre & Karaoke, Aqua Hydrotherapy, Sauna & Steam, Wisdom library & Co-living Space, Kids’ Club, Playground, Mini Climbing Simulation and Opal Sky Lounge.

Supalai Icon Sathorn_garden

Over 2 rai of green space

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Lobby2

High-ceiling lobby and lounge area

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Library1

Wisdom library & Co-living Space

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Fitness

Double Space Fine Fitness

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Theater

Milky way Theatre & Karaoke

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Kid_s room

Kids’ Club

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Opal lounge2

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Opal lounge3

Opal Sky Lounge

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Hydro

Aqua Hydrotherapy

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Pool View

Supalai Icon Sathorn_pool

2 Maldives Swimming pools


Topics about the Triple Y Residence
1. Project Details 
2. Location 
3. Analysis 
4. Summary


Show Unit Review

Residential units at Supalai Icon Sathorn start from 42 sq.m., a 1 Bedroom with home automation, full kitchen set with appliances, etc. The offerings include:

  • Home Automation System
  • Smart Kitchen
  • Intelligent Toilet
  • Digital Door Lock
  • Double Glazing (sunlight resistant windows) in every corner of all bedrooms.

Show unit review: 1 Bedroom 45 sq.m.

Supalai Icon Sathorn_01

Upon entering the unit one will find a marriage between minimal luxury and modern contemporary furnishing

Supalai Icon Sathorn_02

Closest to the entrance is the living area which can comfortably accommodate a 2-3 seater sofa and a coffee table

Supalai Icon Sathorn_02_01

The opposite is a built-in TV shelf

Supalai Icon Sathorn_03

A couple steps from the living area, a 2-seater dining table can be set unobtrusively

Supalai Icon Sathorn_04

Opposite the dining area is a U-shaped open kitchen

Supalai Icon Sathorn_05

Built-in upper and lower cabinets, electric hobs, hood and sink are ready to be used. There’re spaces for installing an oven and a dishwashing machine as well

Supalai Icon Sathorn_05_01

Beside the kitchen is a bathroom entrance

Supalai Icon Sathorn_06

The bathroom is fully equipped: a minimalistic toilet, a basin and a glass-clad shower room. The mirror is large and can store toiletries underneath the basin

Supalai Icon Sathorn_08

The mentioned minimalistic toilet is from Kohler, boasting advanced functions such as germs termination via UV, Self Cleaning and automatic odour refreshment

Supalai Icon Sathorn_06_01

The wet and dry zones are clearly separated

Supalai Icon Sathorn_11

There’s a sliding partition that zones out the bedroom to give privacy and block smells from cooking. On the other end, the full-height windows can be opened up to enjoy views

Supalai Icon Sathorn_10

A 6ft bed comfortably fits in with remaining space utilizable as a reading corner as shown in the picture

Supalai Icon Sathorn_12

Space at the end of the bed is fit for a TV shelf. Behind reveals a glimpse of a walk-in closet and a dressing table

Supalai Icon Sathorn_09

The air-con compressors are stored in this outdoor space

Show unit review: 3 Bedroom 115 sq.m.

Supalai Icon Sathorn_13

The 3 Bedroom unit, consisting of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, is impressively large, hence suitable for a growing family. From the entrance door, you will find a long passage, with built-in shoe cabinet on the side, that leads to the living room inside

Supalai Icon Sathorn_14

The extensive and airy living room can accommodate a large sofa and TV set. It’s a space for family or for guests to spend a great time together

Supalai Icon Sathorn_15

Next to the living room is a multipurpose space zoned out by a sliding partition. In this show unit, space has been decorated as a reading area

Supalai Icon Sathorn_16

On the side of the multipurpose area is a space for storing air-con compressors

Supalai Icon Sathorn_17_1

Back inside the room, the closed kitchen gives the unit clearer zoning. The kitchen is suitable for more serious cooking compared to an open kitchen

Supalai Icon Sathorn_18

The kitchen is equipped with built-in upper and lower cabinets, hob, hood and sink. There’re spaces for installing an oven, a wine fridge and a washing machine

Supalai Icon Sathorn_16_01

At the back of the living area is a dining area

Supalai Icon Sathorn_17

The dining area can comfortably accommodate a 4-6 seat dining table

Supalai Icon Sathorn_19_01

The passage leads to the first two bedrooms and bathrooms

Supalai Icon Sathorn_19

The first bathroom has a clear separation between wet and dry areas. The bathroom is outfitted with a basin and a large wall mirror, an automated toilet and a shower room

Supalai Icon Sathorn_20

A 6ft bed easily fits in the first bedroom. On the side is a large window which can be opened up to enjoy splendid views

Supalai Icon Sathorn_21

On the other side, you can bring in a wardrobe

Supalai Icon Sathorn_22

The second bedroom appears equally sizable-easily fit for a 6ft bed

Supalai Icon Sathorn_23

A nice wardrobe could be installed on the other side as shown in the picture

Supalai Icon Sathorn_24

This bedroom comes with an en-suite. All features quite similar to the first bathroom

Supalai Icon Sathorn_25_02

Now we’re in the master bedroom which, of course, deserves a king-sized bed. A wall TV can be set as shown in the picture

Supalai Icon Sathorn_27

What is differentiated from the other bedrooms is the extra space next to a large window here.

Supalai Icon Sathorn_28

The master bedroom comes with an en-suite, where the walk-in closets line up the way to its entrance

Supalai Icon Sathorn_29

The master en-suite is divided into 4 zones. First, the basin extends wide, on which many can be placed, not to mention plenty of storage underneath. The mirror is also extremely large.

Supalai Icon Sathorn_31

Opposite the basin is a charming bathtub

Supalai Icon Sathorn_30

The toilet room and shower room are separated

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Sathorn is one of the areas with the highest growth in Bangkok. This neighbourhood used to be home of high-rank people and has been home for several embassies including that of Australia, Singapore and Myanmar, etc. Classic architectures still remain to be seen which, combining with modern buildings, made Sathorn’s atmosphere completely original.

The continuous high demand for properties in Sathorn, both real and speculative demand, has been driving the prices higher each year. Now 70% accounts for real demand, 30% for investment. Most investors prefer to rent units out to foreigners and people who work in Silom-Sathorn area.

The Treasury Department’s assessment also reveals land plots in Sathorn are the scarce and extremely high price: an undersupply of residential properties which don’t match the increasing demand, especially from foreigners with high purchasing power, not to mention people living nearby who want to relocate to a larger home. All this indicates that Sathorn’s property values can only rise in the future.

Project’s location

Map Supalai Icon

Project’s map

Supalai Icon Sathorn is located on Sathorn Road, an address with unstoppable growth. The highlights lie inconvenient transportation options: expressway, BTS, MRT, BRT and Chao Phraya boat express. Along the BTS route, one can also transit to the MRT at Saladaeng Station, or to BRT at Chongnonsi Station.

Main roads

  • Narathiwas Road 900 metres away
  • Rama 4 Road 1 kilometre away
  • Silom Road 1.5 kilometre away
  • Charoenkrung Road 3 kilometres away

Mass transit systems

  • BTS Chongnonsi Station 800 metres away
  • MRT Lumpini 800 metres away
  • BTS Saladaeng 900 metre away
  • BRT Sathorn 2.7 kilometres away
  • Chaloem Maha Nakhon Expressway (Rama 4 entry) 1.7 kilometres away
  • Sri Rat Expressway (Sathorn entry) 2.7 kilometres away

Living life in Sathorn is pretty much convenient. Besides a great number of prominent office buildings, Sathorn is a centre point of shopping venues, luxury hotels, traditional restaurants, schools as well as a few hospitals.

Getting There

There’re several options to getting to Supalai Icon Sathorn. We would like to demonstrate a route starting from Saladaeng Junction.

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Travel_01_New

Start off from The Thai Red Cress Society opposite Lumpini Park

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Travel_02_New

Adjoining the Thai Red Cross Society is the Saladaeng Junction

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Travel_03_New

Keep going straight you will find MRT Silom on the left

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Travel_04_New

Further ahead you find this junction. Turning right here will lead to Sathorn Road

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Travel_05_New

After turning right you’ll notice LH Bank on the left

Supalai Icon Sathorn_Travel_06_New

Just a little further, you will find Supalai Icon Sathorn on the left, right next to Sathorn Road


Shopping venues

  • Silom Complex 900 metres away
  • One Bangkok 950 metres away
  • Thaniya Plaza 1 kilometre away
  • La Lai Sap Market 1.4 kilometres away
  • Chamchuri Square 1.8 kilometres away
  • Central World 3.5 kilometres away
  • Central Embassy 4.5 kilometres away


  • BNH Hospital 450 metres away
  • Bangkok Christian Hospital 450 metres away
  • Chulalongkorn Hospital 1.6 kilometres
  • Saint Louis Hospital 1.7 kilometres away


  • St. Joseph Convent School 550 metres away
  • St. Andrews International School, Sathorn 600 metres away
  • Assumption Elementary School 1.7 kilometres away
  • Bangkok Christian School 1.9 kilometres away
  • Saint Louis School 1.9 kilometres away
  • Assumption Convent 2.2 kilometres away
  • Satit Chulalongkorn School (high school) 2.4 kilometres away
  • Chulalongkorn University 2.5 kilometres away
  • Assumption Bangrak 3 kilometres away
  • Satit Chulalongkorn School (high school) 3 kilometres away


  • Ban Yan Tree 180 metres away
  • Sukhothai 500 metres away
  • Sofitel Bangkok 700 metres away
  • Dusit Thani 1 kilometre away
  • W Bangkok 1.2 kilometres away
  • Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom 2.6 kilometres away
  • Shangri La 3 kilometres away
  • Oriental 3.3 kilometres away

Office Building

  • Q House Tower 700 away
  • Sathorn City Tower 750 metres away
  • Empire Tower 950 metres away
  • CP Tower 1.2 kilometres away
  • Mahanakorn Tower 1.4 kilometres away

Prominent Banks

  • TISCO (Headquarter) 950 metres away
  • UOB 1.3 kilometres away
  • Bangkok Bank 1.3 kilometres away
  • Standard Charter 1.6 kilometres away

Official Places

  • Embassy of Malaysia 280 metres away
  • Embassy of Germany 550 metres away
  • Embassy of Singapore 550 metres away
  • Embassy of Canada 900 metres away
  • Embassy of Japan 1.2 kilometres away

Park and Sports Club

  • Lumpini Park 850 metres
  • Polo Club 2 kilometres
  • The Royal Bangkok Sports Club 2 kilometres away


Topics about the Triple Y Residence
1. Project Details 
2. Location 
3. Analysis 
4. Summary


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Sathorn is one of the areas in Bangkok with the highest growth. It has been an economic hub and a vital CBD of Bangkok up to date. A lot of economic activities crowd in Sathorn. There is no doubt Sathorn is being a most coveted residential address in Bangkok. 


Topics about the Triple Y Residence
1. Project Details 
2. Location 
3. Analysis 
4. Summary


Project Name

Unit No.

Average Price (Baht/sq.m.)

Starting price (MB)

Supalai Icon Sathorn


Approx. 185,000


The Line Sathorn


Approx. 250,000


The Bangkok Sathorn


Approx. 300,000



The Line Sathorn

the line sathorn

  • Developer: Sansiri Plc. and BTS Group Holding Plc.
  • Address: Sathorn Nua Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok
  • Project Area: 1-3-59.5 Rai
  • Project Type: High-rise condominium with 46 storeys (1 building)
  • Total Unit: 327 units
  • Unit Type: 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom 31.75-88.75 sq.m.
  • Starting Price: 8.xx MB


The Bangkok Sathorn

the bkk sathorn

  • Developer: Land and House Plc.
  • Address: Sathorn Tai Road, Sathorn, Bangkok
  • Project Area: 4-3-79 Rai
  • Project Type: High-rise condominium with 50 storeys (1 building)
  • Total Unit: 468 units
  • Unit Type: 1 Bedroom 34.2-34.9 sq.m. and 2 Bedroom 63.8-64.3 sq.m.
  • Starting Price: 18 MB

Comparing to other nearby projects, the luxury modern contemporary Supalai Icon Sathorn offers a wide range of unit types, starting from 1 Bedroom to 4 Bedroom, 42 to 350 sq.m., to a Super Penthouse 970 sq.m. This gives buyers plenty of options to select a unit that suits their family size and budget.

The project’s facilities also cater to various needs of the residents, covering both exercises and relaxation. Meanwhile, residential units incorporate innovative technology which helps facilitate daily life routines. To sum up, this is an eye-catching residence at the heart of Sathorn.



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Whom is Supalai Icon Sathorn suitable for?

The highlights of Supalai Icon Sathorn lie in its location which offers residents proximity to mass transits including MRT Lumpini, BTS Chongnonsi, BTS Saladaeng and BRT Sathorn, as well as the Rama 4 and Sathorn expressway entries in case of commuting on cars. These transport options would allow residents to reach different parts of the city timely. Though the transport convenience is not the only perk, Sathorn is also a hub of shopping venues, schools, hospitals and prominent office buildings.

Supalai Icon Sathorn is a new landmark at the heart of Sathorn neighbourhood. The interiors, exteriors, residential units and communal areas have all been designed to reflect superior modern life. The project offers plenty of facilities where residents can enjoy active or passive exercises, and also relaxation.

If you’re looking for a residence in Sathorn, Supalai Icon Sathorn is considered a viable choice for both buyers and investors. The project is outstanding in terms of great transport options, a variety of unit types selection and a great number of facilities provided.


Topics about the Triple Y Residence
1. Project Details 
2. Location 
3. Analysis 
4. Summary


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